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My husband calls them "Do you walk to school or take a lunch" questions.


This question does not make you look fat, but it does pad your reputation


This may be just the question I needed. Thanks.

A man once asked his Rabbi to explain the meaning of "Talmudic Reasoning."

The Rabbi replied: "Well, it's not too easy to explain, but I think I can demonstrate it to you and you will get the point. I will ask you a simple question and you give the answer. Are you ready?"

The man was ready, so the Rabbi continued: "Imagine that two men come out of a chimney, one is dirty, the other clean. Which one takes a bath?" The intrigued listener immediately replied: "That's easy, Rabbi. The dirty one takes the bath."



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"Not so," said the Rabbi. "The Talmud would explain that when the men came out, the dirty one looked at the clean one and saw a clean face. Meanwhile the clean one looked at the dirty one and saw a dirty face."

A knowing look, complete with broad smile, flashed onto the man's face. The Rabbi continued, "Now tell me which one takes the bath?" The answer was quick and sure. "Now I get it Rabbi, the clean one takes the bath!"

The Rabbi looked just a bit unhappy, but he answered patiently, "No. You see, the Talmud would go on to ask: 'How could two men come out of a chimney and one be clean and the other dirty?"

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I love this question. However, I can't decide whether I should reply or eat some ice cream.


....mmmmmmm ice cream won out.


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This reminds me of the joke where a man with a lazy eye was ogling a woman at a bar. She said "Do you have a lazy eye or are you just drunk?". He replied, "Yes ma'am.".

No offense intended here.


@jsoko: V for Vendetta?

(I'm on your side @jsimace. My husband bought me workout clothes for mothers' day. Bad gift. I cried. That said, he never made me feel bad or unattractive, he just grew up with a dad and 2 brothers, and I was his first long-term relationship.)


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@jsoko: Ballas and shot-callas?

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Because many people live in a black-and-white world. My world has always been shades of gray. Which is sometimes frustrating, because every answer starts with "it depends".


My answer is always "yes". It drives people crazy. But then, their question deserves that answer.


What are you, dumb or just mentally handicapped?


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