questionswhat is better for shooting video, a 1080p…


The main problem with using a DSLR for video is the audio. The onboard audio capture is going to be like an old cell phone, so you'll need a good mic. The image quality on a DSLR is, as you would expect, very good. House filmed an entire episode with a Canon 5D. I'm guessing they didn't use the Canon's audio.


I find my dslr (Nikon) to be all I need. If audio pickup is a concern, most have hookups for fancy mics. A camcorder is just an extra thing you have to carry around.


As above, the video processor on a good DSLR is more than a match for your 1080p needs. Since high resolution color is it's forte the images will great.

However there are several places where a DSLR fails.
As noted, audio and external connections are an issue. There are a couple guys in NYC (maybe with the School for Arts) that have made several films using DSLRs. They made special audio rigs and in some cases have used an external audio recorder. They synch to the video in post production on multi-track editors.

But there are two other issues.

Most DSLRs use a phase shift focus system. When filming the mirror goes up and that disables the auto-focus. You need to have a focus mechanism that operates independently of the mirror. Cam-corders use the sensor of all functions.

The last issue is one of connectivity. Cam-corders are designed to store video, but they can also stream it to an external monitor and recorder, using a 1394, HDMI and.or other output. That expands flexibility.


If you get a T2i you can download and install the Magic Lantern hack & easily turn off AGC (automatic gain control), use audio monitoring level metering, + get professional exposure monitoring like zebras, waveform monitoring, etc. Tons of professional added features of $10,000+ camcorders/movie cameras.

Or get a GH2 and have amazing clean footage....if you hack it you'll have the cleanest 1080p interchangeable lens movie camera under probably $10,000, maybe $15,000.


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