questionswhat's the best christmas/hanukkah gift you've…


Millenium Falcon in the 1970's. You couldn't beat that as a kid.


Haven't gotten anything like that yet, but this year, I know I'm getting the Complete Tenant Years of Doctor Who, so that's got me really excited.


As a kid: the original Nintendo (even though I had to share it with my dang brother)

As an adult: Xbox Kinect (even though I had to share it with my dang wife)


I once got the SeeNSay I wanted at age 6 and again at age 13. Oddly, I found it as challenging at 13.


I don't remember ever getting that excited over a present. I do remember my mother getting really really mad at me because I didn't act that way when I was about 12 years old. I expressed how I was thankful for receiving the gifts I got and appreciate all the thought that went into them. Apparently I didn't "act excited enough" and it made me 'look like a spoiled brat'. I don't get it.

Honestly though the some of the best gifts I get are the stuff that cost nearly nothing. My one friend from Ohio sent me an Xmas Card this year and it had a wilderness scene with snow and glitter and it was all nice looking. inside it said something along the lines of. Dear Steve, (following is crossed out: you F#@*ing son of !@9#% I hope you choke and die you're such a terrible person) I hope you and your family have a great holiday season, best wishes Hughes.

Stuff like that is way better than anything money can buy, well to me at least. <3