questionswhat is a good thermos type container to hold…


24 hours? That'd be impressive. The Kleen Kanteen insulated container is pretty awesome and does a great job for my coffee, but not 24 hours of hot awesome. I'd still recommend giving them a look.


Pretty sure you have it right in the title. An insulated thermos should keep most food cold or hot for a while. You will keep food colder for longer than you would keep food hot though.

So a thermos. They do have hot and cold cooler bags as well that you cover with ice and it keeps it colder extra long too.


@mistamoose: I have a Thermos style bottle (I'll have to look up the make and model when I get home)that could do it.

I once filled it with coffee and forgot it on the floor of my car. The car sat outside for 3 days in Wisconsin in December. When I got back to my car I poured out the coffee and it was still luke warm.


Stanley or a Nissan, stainless steel. Just make sure to prewarm it with hot water for 30-40 minutes before you add the food.


Yeah, I've looked at some of the Stanley wide mouthed food jars, but I wasn't super impressed with the heat retention time. Nissan has a giant 60 oz thermos that looks great but the mouth is too narrow to be really useful for food. I was hoping for someone who's used something like this and could recommend a specific one, but thanks for the suggestions.


Unfortunately you are not going to find what you are looking for. Nothing is going to keep food or liquid hot/cold for that long. You best bet is to lower your expectations to about 4-6 hours. That may even be stretching it. But a thermal coffee carafe that is double wall or glass insulated. Like this one. With a coffee carafe, I have found they are easier to handle for food or drinks. They are also designed to stay hotter longer than most other thermal containers. This Stanley thermos I have had for about 8 years now, and still keeps liquid and food hot for about 4 hours. The trick to keeping food and liquids warm in a thermos is to fill the thermos with hot water and cap for 5 minutes. This lets the bottle heat up so you do not lose temp on your food/drink when it is


placed in the container. The more full the container, the less heat escapes. By the same token, the less you open a container, the less heat escapes.

In order to use a coffee carafe for food, buy a big mouth funnel. It will help get the food where it is supposed to go. I am sure there are cheaper ones available, too. Look around for the best price, and what fits your needs.

You can also place things in the engine compartment of your car (tie down really well) for heat retention. I camp a lot (8-12 times a year) and have used all the above except Nissan carafe. I have a cuisinart carafe with double walled glass insulation, but Amazon doesn't have it listed.


It took me a while to find a good thermos for food.

The Foogo Leak-Proof Food Jar will keep you food fresh and cold for up to seven hours. Additionally, it keeps food hot for up to five hours. It's double-wall vacuum insulated to ensure your food maintains its freshness for the longest time possible. If you have kids, this thermos is great - it's kid-proof design ensures it wont break.

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