questionsare we supposed to "tattle" on deals available…


Facebook and Twitter and Random/Mystery deals are frowned upon. Tattle and a woot staff will delete it.


Yep. Tattle and let slip the mods of war!


Hells yeah tattle on it! And again if necessary. :)


LOL @ you all.

Thanks. It looks to me to be a FB-only deal, but I'll let the mods decide.

*skips off to be a tattle-tale"

Edit: done. When I went back, I noticed that it was posted by the site itself. [url=Here it is] [/url] if anyone else wants to....well, you know.


Well, poopypants. I do know how to do that correctly, but had a brain fart and did it
backwards, then didn't have time to fix it before the editing gods closed the window of opportunity.


Sounds like another reason for a Deals.woot rules for deals...

I usually refer to a guide that @lichme made

I have it bookmarked... ^.^;;


I dislike Facebook deals as much as the next person, but the Facebook link on that page seems to be to get information about the seller. If you click on the "I want one" link, it takes you to an actual storefront.

That being said, the deal seems to have expired, so needs to be tattled anyway.



And it has since been RIP'd (within the last few minutes).


I must be in the minority... I keep a fake facebook page that I only log into for great deals (Free Mach Razors, big coupons, etc)-- Even won a $50 Black Wii From using FB-"Like".

So I don't mind them.. I HATE FACEBOOK, but not enough to pass up great deals using a fake facebook account. Same for TWITTER, the only reason I have a twitter account is Woot-Happy Hour may come back someday! (ya right....)

and its humerous to me that Woot would frown upon Twitter/Facebook deals, when they are SO involved in both.. Even using their Facebook page as a "Store front" during the maintenance... shame on woot for double standards!


@devexityspace: during the maintenance our only real outlet was our social media stuff since our site was totally down. We most definitely did not use it as a storefront- just a point of information for interested parties- something they could see with or without a Facebook account.

I'm not completely privy to all things Deals- but I can see why they would be concerned with deals that can only be redeemed through Facebook or Twitter for various reasons. But, if there's some general hate for social media in general from them (or anyone at Woot)- I don't know about it.