questionswhat is the best way, if any, to get the cash off…


Cash back might work. Go buy something (like a pack of gum) and try getting cash back. If it doesn't work you'll just end up paying for gum. If it does work, congrats!

Or you could buy something at a store, then return it, and ask for the money in cash.


Wouldn't the best way be to just use it at deals.woot! and be happy?


not if I have to take all my new deals.woot purchases and go live on the street or in the dark....


Use the card for things like gas and groceries, and use the money you would have spent on those things toward rent and bills.


@portezbie: Some bills can be paid for with a credit card. I know I can pay my cell phone, sewer, medical co-pays, cable, and electric with my cc. Maybe they can take the Visa gift card. If not, use it for your groceries and save your cash for other bills.

@chris12345 just types faster :)


I think @holymythos: is on the right track. Go to a large grocery store & buy food that you would normally eat. Spend as little as possible; may $20 or so. I think you can get the rest back in cash there. Might work. If not, you'll have something to eat. Other suggestions: Is there a number listed on the gift card that you can call? Do any of the companies that you owe money take Visa as payment? Best of luck to you!

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Return stuff to Walmart with no receipt.


There are a few sites where you can sell a gift card for a percentage of the value of the card. I had the idea years ago and was going to start a site but never got around to it, before I knew it they were popping up all over the place.

Here's one but you can google "Sell Gift Card" and shop around.

Otherwise, just sell the card on Ebay or craigslist.


Most gift cards (even Visa/MC/AmEx) don't come with a PIN. In order to get cash back you must have a PIN. Unless you can somehow get a PIN for the card you won't be able to use it to get cash back. I agree with @chris12345 and @ichigodiafuku on how to use it.


you should make sure to use it for a transaction capable of taking up the entire balance of the card rather than leaving a few dollars and cents on it. some retailers will allow you to specify an amount for different forms of payment so, if when you're doing your weekly grocery shopping you wind up with a basket of $150 worth of goods, ask them to swipe your gift card for the total amount of the card's worth and use an alternative form of payment to cover the rest.

the leftover monies in accounts (along with lost cards and interest born from money tied up in card credit) are the main business reason behind why they offer them in the first place. don't lose the game.


Thanks for all your help everyone. I checked around and apparently cash back doesn't work with them either, but whatever it still won't be that hard to use. I think I can probably use it online with con ed's bill pay.

Thanks again for all your great answers!


@portezbie: Thank you for coming back & letting us know what you plan on doing. Hope it works out as you want. If you overpay your bill, that's good, too. You will have a credit balance. (Wishful thinking on the overpay aspect - would not be true for me w/$150.)


I buy myself gift certificates to amazon. I know I always shop there, and then I can use it in conjunction with other gift cards, rebate cards or reward points.

One caveat: I found that a temporary authorization is usally $0.01. So if you have a $10 gift card, make the certificate amount $9.99. That way it won't be declined.


Buy items at Bed Bath and Beyond and then return them. The give cash for your returns.


These things are a rip-off... You pay a fee to buy one, ok... Then, they only allow you to use it to pay for something that costs as much as or less than the amount on the card... This way there will be some sort of balance you can't spend... Then, they start deducting a storage or non-use fee after a few months so that they can squeeze more money out you...

I have gotten rid of Visa Gift cards by:
1) using a $50.00 visa gift card to buy a $50.00 Home Depot Gift card and then buying what I want or need without worrying that there will be a wasted balance that I can't use..
2) using it to pay a Cell phone bill, I just handed the $50.00 Visa gift card to a customer service agent and asked for the entire 50.00 to be credited to my account..


Guys, quit telling him to use it to pay bills, and so on... Anyone looking at this thread wants cash to buy pot.
Drugs are the only thing you can't use credit for... At least if you don't live 500 miles from nowhere..


Not that there is anything wrong with that..


It's simple, download and use the square app on your phone, link it to your bank account, and you can order the card reader online for free. Its likely you wont even need the card reader because the square register app lets you just type in the card number. Usually if you run the card before 5pm the money will be in your account the next business day.


Buy a pre-paid card with your gift card. You'll lose 5 or 6 dollars for the purchase, but then be able to remove the rest of your cash like a debit card or transfer it into a paypal account to then put into your bank.