questionsare there any sports or outdoor activities that…


This is a very hard question for me because most of the things I like to do I can do also in summer, or well into winter due to pretty average temperatures all year round.

Hitting the pumpkin patch qualifies though, right?


I guess watching college football in person should count.


I don't have a lot of "fall specific" activities. Although it does seem that, living in DFW, most of the activities I used to enjoy in the summer are now better suited to fall...when you don't have to carry around a bucket in case you melt when you go outside.

But, growing up in the north, we used to make trips to the apple orchard in the fall, often with a stop at a place to go canoeing or taking some time to toss around a football.


I rise out of the most sincere pumpkin patch and leave toys for children who wait for me.


Rake leaves. Just kidding, I let them blow into the neighbor's yard.


I loving hiking through the woods and looking at the changing leaves.


@panthiest: I knew I was right to believe in you!


All I can think of is I get our house winterized.


Kicking through fallen leaves. And I do get the toss a football urge more frequently than other seasons.


There are a lot of walks for charity in spring and fall here as it is too hot to do them in summer.