questionswhat did you do while woot was down?


Answered a question that is now gone :)

Read the hunger games trilogy, saw riverdance, and tried to overcome the intense feeling that something was missing from my life. You know, the usual.


Nothing... What else is there to do?? ;-)


Mostly panic, I was F5'ing every few minutes, hyperventilated also.....


Cried. Then the site came back up and I cried even harder.


I...I finally saw the sun. No words...should have sent a poet.


chatted in the deals.woot irc channel with a bunch of other wooters and staff


@raremonkey: I agree, checked for some inside information on IRC.


I spent the day kayaking, and drinking beer (not at the same time).


It's in my online routine when I check the weather and news to pop on to Deals.Woot to see what's going on in the community then the deals. When it was DW's turn, I would get the maintenance message and go, 'oh, yea I forgot". Then proceed with other non-computer things. Go back online a bit later -- repeat. Habits are hard to break sometimes.


@kmeltzer: That would be fun to watch if you could perfect it!!


Church; yardwork; checked to see who won the Indy 500; yardwork; watched the end of the NASCAR race; watched grandson for daughter; sleep. Checked other deal sites, and decided I still like deals.woot better. Now that the changes are up, I still like it.


F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5, F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5, F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5, F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5.

I think I need a new keyboard because I spent the entire time it was down hitting this button.


Read tweets from the Woot! writers and frequently hit F5. Secretly hoping (but not expecting) for a surprise BoC.


Slept, then went outside, then waited impatiently. Then F5.


I posted on Woot!'s facebook page for the first time.

Something about 'No woot! and no deals.woot! make Homer go something something...'

I was surprised someone from Woot! responded. Made my day and saved my wallet a few buckaroos.