questionscan you help with a nikon lens?


Possibly too late, but:
For my "walkabout" lens, I have had good luck with a Tokina 28-75mm f/2.8 (constant) lens. It performs reasonably in light that is less than reasonable, and is somewhat lightweight. It doesn't do everything, but it's gotten me published on and in a music journal. I'll try to link to it on Amazon.
Generally I buy my lenses through a company called KEH in Atlanta. They give good customer service, and when I lived in Atlanta, I could have my lenses the next day and verify that I got what I wanted before leaving the parking lot. They sell different grades of lenses, and have yet to disappoint. They are at

One thing to keep in mind with older lenses is that Nikon has started making camera bodies that do not work with the older lenses. On older AF lenses there is basically a screwdriver on the camera side of the lens mount, which attaches to the lens to focus. You will want to pay attention to this when you upgrade your camera body.


Thank you for the info. I ended up picking up a used 18-200 VR for $300 from a guy in Brooklyn who was selling all his Nikon stuff for great prices. His house was full of people coming in and out to buy his equipment. Nice guy, and I enjoy the lens. I will keep your recommendations in mind for the future, though.


Grab this:

For $53, you get a 28-80G lens that will work great on your D70. It's the kit lens that came with the old N80s and the like, but it was right before the digital revolution took over so they made millions (literally MILLIONS) of these lenses, but nobody uses them. Sure it's plastic like most kit lenses, but when/if it breaks, who cares? It was $53!

I hate linking to him, but:


@kidincredible Wow, that is amazing information!! Thank you so much. I love my 18-200 lens, but it's overkill for most uses, and quite bulky and heavy. This will be much better for general use. Yay!! So glad I asked this question here!