questionsanyone else pregnant and addicted to woot worse…


Try some ice cream and pickles. It may stop some of your DW cravings.


Better to have deals.woot cravings than pickle-banana-bacon flavored ice cream, I suppose. Congrats, by the way. I'm sure you'll find something nice on kids.woot.


Any idea what the name will be?



Congrats from me, too. You'll need to be saving your cash, so try to resist. I just complained to the kids today in the grocery store that I was going to stop feeding them because it is getting too expensive. Some lady gave me a weird look. Go figure? She's obviously never tallied up the grocery bill for 7.

Oh, and our fave thing I've seen on kids.woot is the little kid recliner chairs. We found some awhile back for our oldest two that matched our recliners - they loved having their own! The kids are too big for them now...


sometimes i get a food baby and get woot cravings, so i understand
high-five, sister!



No babies here, but I am craving a Woot Off. I haven't seen a Woot Off since last year.


I hope I'm not pregnant. My wife would be so mad at me


congrats! I believe woot is here to help



As a recent graduate of the Woot University of forsaking all of other life's pleasures in order to obtain a black triangle PhD, I find it extremely difficult that you could have taken the time required for baby-making and miss out on all the woot posts (thereby reducing your awesomeness). Well, I guess that is why you area a purple triangle! (My prayers for a healthy, happy, and wonderful pregnancy and birth to you both!).


@bellstl: Your comment is the best comment here.


One of my coworker's wives is pregnant with their first (I'd out him here, but I don't know if he wants EVERYONE to know he's going to be a new dad) and he's been buying up stuff off kids.woot and saying that it's making the whole thing more real to him. Gives me a warm fuzzy knowing that Woot can play a small part in a parent's life.