questionsare all woot items (except wine.woot) now being…


nope but if they can ship it faster (amazon usually is closer to the intended recipient) then woot will ship it through amazon. it usually comes faster so all you really miss out on is the woot box


There are some answers in this previous question from a month ago. I'm not saying that this is a duplicate question, just merely giving you several answers at once. :)


My box of cravettes came in a woot box (most recent order), and prior to that, I've seen no sign of amazon in my woot shipments. You must just be lucky.


@drsilentg: You're probably right. These were shipped from NJ and arrived in 2 days, vs 6 to 9 days when shipped from CA. So a change I'm very happy to see. They don't have their logistics quite as good a Newegg, but pretty darn close.


The monkeys from the Woot-off came from Woot proper. Same with the shirts, still... not that I've been buying much recently.

I have no qualms with them using Amazon to fulfill the orders. The Woot logo skillet, ordered on Saturday, arrived on Monday. That's fast!



My skillets also arrived fairly quickly and were shipped directly by Amazon, exactly as @mschauber describes. The only problem was that they were not woot! logo ones...

The monkeys I got this week came in a woot box, as did the microfiber queen sheets. I'm still waiting on my BoC and I think one or two other (non-wine) items. (Wine.woot items almost never come in a woot box.)


@baqui63: My BoC did come in a woot box, but was PURE C. Fewer items and lower value than any BoC listing I have seen to date, oh well.

Wine.woot items will never be shipped in woot boxes because technically they are neither sold by nor shipped by woot. You can see this informative thread for more info, if you'd like:


In our continued efforts to improve shipping, we use a variety of shipping methods such as drop shipping (direct from vendor) and Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). When using FBA, we instruct our vendor to deliver the product to one or more fulfillment centers from which the product will then be shipped. Please note that we are not part of the Prime or Super Saver Shipping program.