questionswhy does everything always come with a pickle?


I am with you 100% on this one. I keep forgetting to say "no pickle". If I ran a food service business and pickles were served with various items, I would instruct my staff to always ask the folks ordering. It must cost qite a bit of money to throw away pickles left by those of us who do not eat them, so not like them, and find the juice has left a nsty taste.


From what I can tell this is a US thing, but I don't know why. Fortunately I happen to like pickles. I suspect there might be some sort of industry arrangement, as they're really the only times I eat pickles and wouldn't just go pick up a jar otherwise.


Pickles are nature's toothbrush. You get a pickle to clean out your palate after your meal.


Good pickles are crunchy, salty, and sour, which adds an interesting balance to a meal in those dimensions.

What's truly pointless is when a restaurant gives you a limp, flavorless pickle.

Apples are nature's toothbrush.


I blame the cucumber lobbyists!


i think its some kind of palate cleanser or some crap - i LOVE the pickles - i'll take the extras!!!


Because pickles are delicious.


@narquespamley: those pickles are previously used...


because the pickles have an acidity that usually goes really well with the sandwich and fries taste


dude. it's a pickle. they're awesome. what are you, communist?


if you do not eat your deli sandwich pickle, you must be a terrorist