questionswhat is the one new year's resolution you know…


The resolution that I made when I was about fifteen years old to never make a resolution. Seventeen years later, I'm still keeping it.


To drop 20 lbs. I've got money on it with several other family members (we're competing for the cash and bragging rights, nevermind the fact it's for our health). Two years ago, I dropped 30 and since then I've slowly gained about 10 lbs back. By dropping another 20, I'll get close to my target weight overall, so I'm pretty pumped. Plus, I have some competitive family members, so it'll make me push hard.

That and to possibly find a new job. ;)

Oh yeah, also to finally pick up a BOC. That should be number one on my list.


I resolve to buy more Woot shirts! ^_^


To log onto and check for deals today...DONE!


@hobbitss: I was here yesterday, just did not post here, because this question was not here until 5 hours ago.