questionsis it time to move on?


I'm kind of meh about it. I do like coming here for the conversation, and I find the forum format easier to read here than on comparable sites. I'll stick it out here as long as there's anyone else to talk to, I guess. I'm about to leave on a month-long vacation though and I have expect to some home and find this place mothballed while I was gone.


It's early (for me, anyway). This is just a copy/paste from last week, as part of other meanderings (with a little editing):

Here's the actual predictions:

Deals gets stricter rules than ever, until the deal postings are mostly the official companies they're doing business with, and little else.
Deals may just vanish. Remember Local? Losses get cut all the time.
Sponsored Deals may just become entirely Amazon Storefronts (they're almost there already).
Affiliate Links (a hallmark of the original) may vanish.
To show the drop in activity, please note that I have been #1 on the Leaderboard (over almost nothing). This is due to the lack of activity from others (and I'm hoping it'll go away soon).
Ah, well. Everything changes. Everything. So it goes.

{I'm with @moondrake. Every now and then, something interesting comes up.}


Is it time to move on? Probably. It's becoming a waste of time for me, except for the infrequent side deal.


cajun01: While this question has been asked before, most of the time it's by active members who are looking for more activity. Like BOC contests, more good deals and the like. It appears you have not been active here in awhile. While looking and buying things is good, being an active member (in some form) is the answer to the question. I like answering questions, so that's what I do!
I'm not super active, but you won't hear me complaining. The glass is always half full.


cajun01: All the points you made are valid, but I don't understand why you'd ask a bunch of strangers how you should spend your free time.

I agree -- sadly -- with @shrdlu's predictions, and I also concur with why @moondrake will continue hanging around here. As to whether it's productive for you to do so, I haven't a clue.


I still browse here but if I want a real deal, I go to SlickDeals. I was looking for a discount on a prepaid cell plan PIN today and there it was, like magic. I use the "simple" view and you can also customize your view further.


I haven't come here for the shopping or deals in quite some time, but I don't see a need to remove deals.woot from my bookmarks and routine surfing. The community forums here are still pretty good.


Here's a better one:

I may have to go to Amazon and get the MP3 for this. It just makes me smile, every time I hear it...

{It's also sad to know that he's gone, and his sweet voice with him.}


I couldn't agree with you more @shrdlu and @moondrake.
Big Iz rest in peace my brother!