questionslawn darts: do you still use them?


While I haven't used lawn darts in a long time, some friends and I developed a smaller version of lawn darts that we use (good for ages 21+)...

You basically will set in lawn chairs in a decent size circle. Everyone will set a can of beer in front of themselves, but far enough away from their feet. (We learned this the hard way...) Then you take turns throwing dartboard darts at the can(s) of beer. If it punctures the can you have to drink it down to where it will stop leaking out of the puncture hole. It's actually pretty fun, but you want to start playing while sober, and then quit before people get too drunk.


If you decide you want to take them back up - among a group of responsible adults - here's one way to get a replacement set...


I use to be a player like you, then I took a lawn dart to the knee.


Cthulu took our last set. It was his will that we not purchase another.


I still have a set, but only for home defense.


I got a set from a garage sale, only because I thought they were banned. After seeing @afurball: post I am a bit disappointed. Still good find +1 to you!


Yes and yes. Of course, we're all adults now and have all sorts of insurance. Unfortunately, my husband doesn't like to play any games that involve me throwing anything. For some strange reason, I always hit his head.

(oh, just great! Now I'm gonna have this stuck in my head all afternoon:
"Alison, I know this world is killing you
Oh, Alison, my aim is true.")


Love them. They are the ideal game for the zombie apocalypse. Fun and great for defense.


I took one in the chest when I was in grade school, but I blame the idiot that threw it at me, not the game.

If I had a set I'd still use them.


@afurball: heh a compendium set (done so in spare parts) comes out to $182.06 free shipping... Versus the $90 compendium set (already assembled) that is not available for US/Canada.


@devexityspace: You got it! In this case you pay extra for the privilege of assembling the goods.