questionsanyone else buy the speakman, neo single lever…


Is the faucet returnable at this point? If so, that would seem to be your best bet.

If it's any consolation, the first time I ordered a stove (from Sears), I would have been totally unable to use it if the sales rep on the phone hadn't told me I had to order a cord separately. (Different wiring/usage needs, different cords, apparently) I sent a grateful letter to her manager.


Didn't purchase one (faucet in context), but the issue is a common one. Since this is Woot, there are no returns.

If your sink has a 4" centerset, then you need one of these:

If it's a widespread 8" centerset, my suggestion is to forget about a cover plate (the size would make it look too kitcheny) and use the additional holes for soap dispensers.


What @narfcake said. $82 is ridiculous. That's highway robbery right there.


I looked at all the links provided thus far, and I'm still a little confused. (I know about as little as is humanly possible about fixtures; my sole claim to fame is having once fixed a carburetor without knowing what a carburetor is or does.)

So is a deck plate what you would use if, for instance, your old faucet system had two knobs and the basin/sink therefore has two now-extraneous holes that need to be covered up?


@narfcake: It is a four inch center and this is a much more affordable option. Thanks.


@zuiquan: I did find a website offering it for $42, but when I put it in the "cart" and tried to checkout, the cart went from 3 to 0 without my keyboard input. I sent an email to customer service to inquire as to the reason. After 48 hours, still no reply. It may have been a hoax website....who knows.


@magic cave: the faucets are not returnable. I feel like a complete idiot for not realizing that "deck plate" was not included in the "what's in the box." I got excited about the savings, reviews of the product and the quality of the faucets that my brain shut down. Wish I could say it will never happen again. My wife is being nice about it, but the job came to a stand still after I dismantled the faucet from her sink and realized how stupid it looked to have two extra holes in her counter top. This is day four of a dismantled sink and all I wanted to do was surprise her with new shiny faucets.


@bpmorton: I'd go with one of the ones narfcake has found you. They should work just fine. A lot of times companies want to steer you toward their "one and only perfect fit" when any generic plate will work. As long as it's the same finish you should be just fine.


You can use one as a soap dispenser and the other as a button to turn on the garbage disposal.


@kylemittskus: I don't recall ever seeing anyone with a garbage disposer in their bathroom sink, and good luck getting a soap dispenser fitted 2" away from the faucet.


@bpmorton: [ahem] I didn't know that cords don't come pre-attached to stoves.

You did a sweet, loving, husbandly thing that turned out to have a glitch. A small, fixable glitch that's taking longer than anyone could have reasonably expected. Your wife is not "being nice about it" -- she is nice, and I suspect she appreciates all the work and worry you've gone through so far. This too shall pass, it's going to be absolutely beautiful when it's done, and eventually it'll become one of those funny "do you remember the time ...." stories.

P.S. My Spouse says you should take her to dinner. He brought me roses on the 9th of every month [the date we married] for the first five years after our wedding, until I suggested that "every now and then" would be just fine. He knows what he's talking about regarding advice. :::insert smiley face here:::


@narfcake: There was a guy that had one on his bathtub...


@capguncowboy: GAWD, I love that clip. It reminded me of why I watched that show! I wince watching it at the thought of a foot slipping down the disposal, to the point where I barely realize that there's a naked Kramer preparing salad in his shower.