questionsdid you know tattles have a character limit?


It most definitely is expired. Like the cottage cheese sitting on the bottom shelf, far right corner, in the back. You know, that one. The one you brought to work with you, thinking it was going to be a good example of your commitment to get back into shape. Well here it is almost a year later, still in there, everyone is afraid to open it. Scary, huh. I say keep it in there, renew your resolution in a little of a month's time, then BAM! everyone is happy. This time though, stick with it. Be a new you. Be a happier you. Filled with sunshine and rainbow farts. Seriously though, I hope at this point that you have all ready expired the deal and are ignoring this silly banter.
So once there was this fish. I caught the fish with a pole and string. I took him home. Eat him, I was. Until he ate me.

The End.

Happy Holidays to my lovelies. I love Woot. Speaking of Woot! Where the hell has Jumbo been lately? I miss their warming presence. Serious props to ADQ, TT, IKatz, and all the staff...


@xarous: You are just the limit, you know that?

Always thought cottage cheese was a bit suspect even when it was fresh.


Yes, because a wrote a rather lengthy tattle on a recent comment on an old question. I was a bit, uhm, b!tchy.