questionscan you believe this crap?


Kind of hard to have a serious political discussion with anyone who includes "maybe go so far as to take away women's right to vote" in their side of the argument...


Who said anything about a serious political discussion. I simply want to hear from women that are actually supporting Romney how they justify their vote.

And if you don't believe that the far right would love to take away women's right to vote (not to mention other minorities,) you're kidding yourself. For that to happen the tea party would have to win awful lot more congressional seats, but given the opportunity, there is no question they would pursue it. Thankfully the chances are minimal they could ever gain enough power to even be in a position to start discussing it.

But we see that Romney has no problem flat out lying in order to win. The religious fanatics are even looking the other way because they know Romney will do whatever they want were he to be elected and they care more about simply beating Obama than they do about their candidate saying what he means.

In my 30 years of presidential voting, I have never seen woman so scared of the results, even with Bush..


@mschauber: Women's right to vote is in our constitution as the 19th amendment. To remove this right, both parts of congress (the house and the senate) would have to pass a bill. Then, three fourths of the individual states would have to ratify it. It's not really up to the president alone to make that kind of change so I wouldn't worry about it.


'and how they justify their vote'

'never seen women so scared of the results'

You have made a few assumptions that may not be accurate.

That women - or anyone for that matter - needs to 'justify' their vote. Regardless of which side you or they are on, very close to half the country agrees with that side.

If anyone is 'scared' of the results of the election, then you're too involved. Fear is a tactic used to motivate people. Read the entire 'Dune' series (which will keep you busy until after the election) and then recite the litnay against fear.

And you might want to consider unplugging for a while. There are REAL problems, this isn't one of them.


@capitalggeek: I agree with most of what you said. But I am quite concerned about some of the things I have heard politicians say in the past few months. The "legitimate rape" gaffe didn't bother me, it was a poor choice of words but I knew what he meant. But his belief that women have some magical ability to not get pregnant when raped, therefore any woman pregnant by rape is lying about it, is astounding. Recently another politician said that he believed abortions to save the life of the mother were fiction, that modern medicine had eliminated such risks and women were just using it as an excuse. Plus Arizona's push to require medically unnecessary vaginal ultrasounds (known as "rape by instrumentation" in the real world) for women seeking abortion and the new law defining pregnancy as beginning two weeks before conception. There are lawmakers with little or no understanding of the actual mechanics of pregnancy who see women as nothing more than baby machines. That is scary.


@moondrake: You said 'There are lawmakers with little or no understanding' and should have stopped there. The problem gets amplified when what one local politician says is used by the opposition to paint the entire party with the same brush. People assume that agreement with one person on a specific point means complete and total agreement on ALL issues and points, and attack based on that. It's a sign of a stunted mentality.

As specifically to abortion, if in your worldview a fetus is as much of a person as a 30 year old, then the LEGAL killing of either would need significant justification.


I am a woman and while it may not be a popular opinion, I believe Roe vs Wade should be overturned. I believe life begins at conception and, therefore, abortion is murder. The issue gets complicated and messy when the life of the mother is at stake and it's a whole lot of not fun if the mother was raped. But, fundamentally, I have to go back to the belief that killing an unborn child even in the worst circumstances imaginable is still killing a person. And Mitt Romney's stance on abortion is one reason I am leaning towards voting for him.


If Mitt Romney said he was going to make it stop raining, would you say you weren't voting for him because flowers would die?

Nobody is going to overturn Roe v. Wade, regardless of how much they may want to. You would need a court full of right wing activist judges, and that's, pretty much, an oxymoron. Left wing judges make decisions based on what they think the law "should" be. Strict constructionist right wingers would be very unlikely to make a decision counter to existing case law. Might you find a couple who would do so? Maybe. Five who are both right wing AND willing to overturn a previous Supreme Court's decision? Not likely.

What could he do? Maybe block attempts to make partial birth abortions easier to get. See, I don't believe everyone who says they're pro-choice are really pro-choice. There's a very (VERY) small group who are really pro abortion. And while they are very rare, it only takes one very radical woman, to be the next "Roe".