questionsare watches the most universal holiday gift?


Your username is awfully relevant to the subject matter. I'd say then most universal gift, would be a gift card. However if you are in the market for a watch, you should follow this post, there is always lots of Jewelry and Watches there.


Tell me, @timeotime, you wouldn't happen to know of any places where you might be able to purchase such an item would you? Please note, we are not noobs.


@zuiquan: Look no further friend! I bring to you dear friend the the best of places to make purchase watches of the HOLIDAYS.


I've never actually even once considered watches to be the most universal holiday gift.

When I think "Universal Holiday Gift" (note the capitalization) I think of things like Hickory Farms gift boxes, with the little dried up and cracked strawberry hard candies mixed in with the green plastic grass and a smallish beef log. Bottles of liquor or wine are pretty universal holiday gifts too, and maybe holiday themed candles. Isotoner gloves always appear at the holidays, and I've never been given any of those at any time except the holidays, so there's another item that comes to mind well ahead of watches and/or jewelry in my list of most universal holiday gifts. Chia Pets too.

So, to answer your question - No, watches are not the most universal holiday gift.


heck no, very few people ever wear watches any more. Everyone's got a clock on their phone. People selling watches online in this day and age are like people selling buggywhips in the years after the automobile gained widespread use.


@kamikazeken: "And her father's still perfecting ways of making sealing wax" -Rolling Stones, '19th Nervous Breakdown'


Watches are always the fallback imo...