questionswhat part of "don't try this at home" didn't you…


Let's quote Forrest on this one - "Stupid is as stupid does"


Sad to hear he's gone. He was my favorite of the group.


Hey, here's a fun idea! Let's all laugh at someone who died!
Did he do something stupid that led to his own demise? Yes. Did he live his life without giving a damn about his own well being? Yes. But he still died doing what he loved. (Being a jackass)

Anyway, my mixed message aside, I enjoyed the Jackass series and am a little sad that a member died. They mutilate themselves for my entertainment. I'm surprised nothing happened on the actual show or movies


@abramokids: He was drunk driving and killed a passenger. Remorse runs slim.


@abramokids: gotta agree, a sad thing to hear, especially for a healthy 34 year-old. Saw a pic of the wreckage of his car and no way anyone was walking away from that. Was hard to tell it was even a car.


In loving memory: nominate for a Darwin Award.


wow, i just saw him and Steve-o on Minute to Win It a few weeks ago. sad


@holymythos: better put, forgiveness runs slim.

Remorse? I am sure wherever he's spending eternity, he'll probably look on those facts you mentioned and not be overly proud.
Not to mention all families involved.
And if this thread is any indication, fans are remorseful at those tragic events as well. Plenty of remorse here.


To be fair, you're assuming that he was drunk driving. A picture tweeted hours before does not prove that he was DUI. Not saying it isn't probable but innocent til proven guilty... TMZ says the autopsy is underway.


Even if he was drunk driving, it's still sad he's dead. Could have easily been prevented and if he was, it's damn stupid and his fault, but still sad nonetheless.


No matter how big of a Jackass you are or how you live your life, 34 is way too young to pass away. R.I.P and my heart goes out to his friends and family.


My heart goes out the the passenger he killed. If ryan dunn had survived, and if he was intoxicated, he'd be facing criminal charges, vehicular homicide at the least.