questionswhat should i do with my 6 days off?


Pick a coast (use a coin if necessary).
Drive to it.
Find a beach (again, use the aforementioned coin-flip technology).
Order fruity cocktails (1D20 may be required. there are lots of fruity drinks).
Sleep in a roadside hotel for cheap.
Go home 5 days later with a new outlook on life.


Everybody wins with cake.


Have you checked to see what's going on in your area? Outdoor concerts, Ren. Fairs, theatre, whatever you're into. If the weather's nice, you could try your hand at disc golf.


aside from baking a cake for @PemberDucky, which i already upvoted, there's:

1. wootoff
2. movie marathon (either at home or (gasp) in a theater - no annoying kids during matinees!)
3. picnics in the park - no annoying kids during the week!
4. museums/galleries - no annoying kids during the week! (or ever, possibly)
5. hangin' out with the wife

no1 no1

@ruger9mm: The TARDIS is in the shop this week, so I'm stuck on this planet. Otherwise I'd totally hop back in time and do so ;)


take a nap
do a long drive to be a leaf looker (if there are leaves to look at in your area I guess)...
another nap
take your wife to the spa for a massage
another nap
find a new frisbee (or regular) golf course to play
go to the hardware store
another nap!


You should probably go into work, your colleagues might be worried about you.


Well, you've already spent SOME time doing what I was going to suggest, as you mentioned that wife is pregnant. So moving along, how about just enjoying some "the baby isn't here yet" time with pregnant wife?


@eraten: the funny thing is, there is a Company golf outing tomorrow.. and I will NOT be attending this.. despite them wanting me to come.. I need some relax time lol

@lumpthar: This would be very difficult to do with a pregnant wife who has had constant morning sickness for the past 4 weeks :D


Completely "unplug".. get away from everything electronic.


I'm honestly clueless. I've never taken off more than 3 days in a row. Lots of good ideas so far though. Enjoy!


If you are in Metro Detroit, visit these places from Diners Drive-ins and Dives :


If you have a "bucket list", or something like it... try to do something on it. Also, rest, do (at least) one thing productive around the house, and the rest of the time... do something you like to do, with people you like to do it with.


Go someplace.
At least 50 miles away.
Look for tourist carp. Big ball of yarn, whatever.
Hang out at a cafe, talk with locals.
Next day, go someplace else.
Repeat until done.


I'm betting that there are probably several dozen things around your house/apartment that are in the "I really need to get around to fixing that". Do so. This is also a great opportunity to do stuff like clean out the closet (donate the excess), the refrigerator, and the pantry.


If you don't want to stay home, then is your friend (or maybe that uncle that provides comic relief at family gatherings).

I typically take a week off in the spring & fall and concentrate on one project. This year I'm building a new entertainment center & learning how to use my new lathe.


Assuming you have a passport. Book you an adults only all inclusive in the Mayan Riviera, I would recommend the Excellence. Pre arrange car service to transport you to/from the hotel. (The cabbies there are vicious.) Enjoy one of the most relaxing times in your life, no worries, all you can drink, all you care to eat fine dining or have your waiter bring you snacks to eat while laying out on the beach under a cabana when he brings you drinks. Enjoy the scenery on the beach, its top optional.