questionswill anyone read the before watchmen series?


Are you kidding me? The guy who wrote "Ninja Assassin" writing a story about girl with daddy issues dating a guy losing his humanity? While also trying to live up to his own pretty fantastic time-travel love story two decades ago AND the standards set by the two best creators of the 80s when they were literally at their absolute peak? This thing's gonna be a TRAIN WRECK and I wouldn't miss reading it for the world. I don't plan to pay for it, but I can't wait to read it.

I think every comic shop should just order one, laminate it, and let people read it for free if they buy $20 or more in other, superior comics. It would help the industry while driving home the point.


Hell no!
Might torrent one just to see how bad it actually is but I have 0 interest in it. I'll stick to the good original Watchmen.
I LOVE the motion comic.


I apologize for the incorrect "it's." I know that would make me cringe.


Name me one profitable franchise comparable to "Watchmen" where the owners have not done everything possible to wring every single penny out of it. I'm not surprised DC is doing this, I'm only wondering what took them so long. I bet Dickens' editors started asking for him to knock out "Tiny Tim's Easter Adventure."

As for Moore's contract, well, he signed it and has to live with it. I think it's pretty apparent that Moore has no desire to ever work for DC again, even before this announcement, so DC is obviously not worried about alienating Moore with this move.

That said, will I read the new books? Doubtful. But I will not rule out the possibility that the resulting product could end up being decent, or even good. To prove my point, I saw MIB3 expecting it to be a piece of garbage and I ended up liking it. It wasn't perfect and there were plotholes you could move a planet through, but it was entertaining and I felt like I got my money's worth at a discounted 2-D matinee showing.

vote-for1vote-against, I won't be reading them.

P.S. The "it's" thing didn't bother me, but the "pint" in the last sentence just keeps drawing me to it. ;)


@jsimsace: Ha, didn't even see that. Me no rite good.