questionscan anyone purchase from any part of the world?


Could you be a bit more explicit with the question. For example, are you asking if you can purchase from the United States an item from another country? And if so, what type of item and from what country. Of course, you would be paying exchange rate, tax, and if charged to your credit card, for example, most charge a foreign transaction fee. You really need to be more definite, and I am sure we can provide the answer, or at least give it a good try.


some technology items, weapon parts/accessories, and software from the United states are illegal to sell/ship to any other country. Other than that, it depends on what item/what company you are talking about.


Woot does not ship outside of the 48 contiguous United States at this time. They do not ship to Canada, Mexico, Alaska, Hawaii, nor to Maggie's Nipples, Wyoming or Assinippi, Massachusetts at this time(except shirt.woot). Wine.woot can only ship to certain states...ask your congress-people why yours isn't one of them.


If you are asking about a deal posted on here, you will need to check with the retail site itself. Deals.Woot doesn't sell anything.

If you are asking about Woot retail sites (Woot, Shirt, Wine, Kids, Home, Sellout), only Shirt can ship outside the 48 continental United States.