questionsanybody watch women's olympic boxing?


I haven't, but I also haven't gotten around to watching the men's boxing which I was planning on doing.

I am a little curious to see how they do though, especially since I tend to enjoy men's lightweight fights more than the heavyweights.

Maybe I'll find some place on the internet that has both and check it out.


Just discovered racewalking is an olympic event.



Nah, boxing's not my thing. Racewalking on the other hand.....


I haven't seen any women's boxing (or men's boxing, for that matter!), but I've really enjoyed reading about it. The individual stories of the three gold medalists, as well as the impact that they've had on their home communities, are quite compelling, and I've also enjoyed reading the positive comments about the women's boxing competition itself. Sounds like there was some controversy about including it in the Olympics and apparently the women demonstrated that they totally belonged via excellent technique, competitive fights, and ticket sales. Three cheers for women in sports!


And there was even a racewalking doping scandal, which I think boxing managed to avoid this time around