questionswhy do some countries have different electrical…


Electricity never became a standardized thing. Some countries have 220v, some 100v, some 110v some have other random voltages. Some have grounding requirements, some don't.


are people really this ignorant?
If "yes", then please don't travel outside the US, you'll make the rest of us look DERP!


For the same reason that you drive on the left in some countries; the right in others. And the same reason that the laws of some countries are based on the Napoleonic code, some on English common law, some on Sharia, and others on whatever. And some use inches, feet and miles while others are all metric. The dreaded One World Government may someday set a common standard for electrical outlets, but for now, sovereign countries set their own laws, rules, and standards.


@matt1976: thank you for actually being helpful and informative. it's nice to know that some of the community didn't get stuck in the snarkyness that was the wootoff. not everything that is "common knoweledge" actually is common knoweledge.


@matt1976: Yes, thank you for answering my question. I don't see how it makes me stupid to not knowing the exact reason why something is the way it is.


It's a legit question. The US had electricity before everyone else so they got the chance to learn from it. The US is constantly improving electrical code and hardware but it is not practical to switch an entire country to a different voltage level and plug type so those will remain for a long time. When we added the ground prong the outlet was backwards compatible with two prong plugs.


Here is an adapter that might work for you. I like the all-in-one adapter as it is compact and easy to travel with. It also guarantees that you will have the right one with you, since they are all together.

I hope this helps.


@miyoshinum5: Ignore the a-holes that feel the need to put others down so they can feel good about themselves. Your question was totally legitimate and it would be nice if there was a standard, luckily there are adapters which make traveling easy, as some others have given links to.