questionsare there still hockey fans here? are you excited…


love that someone hates hockey SO much that I already went from +1 to 0....really? has hockey wronged you so hard in the past? did i write it so poorly? what makes you HATE hockey? lol


I love the Dallas Stars, but I'm sitting this season out. All of the BS with the lockout ruined it for me.


My team is gone. Here's my rant on the Stanley cup : Hockey ( like all sports) have extended their season too long. It's spring now. I don't want to watch hockey til june. I want baseball now. Hockey --- and I know it's been a long time now -- used to end earlier. Season appropriate . I am sick of it by now.
I know die hard fans just want hockey all the time.
I want my sports in their traditional season . I get too burned out and completely apathetic otherwise.


My 1, 2, and 3 team will be playing golf. My 1 team, the Flyers, have been done for since the second week into the "season". They never could get anything going. I will still be watching. There is nothing greater than hockey. Playoff hockey is a different animal, and I will watch every second I can!


I root for the Red Wings, because they're simply the best.

Truth. Because All Told was already taken.


Our local team has already finished their season. They lost in the third of a best-of-three series in the finals. Next closest is the Predators, but, well.. meh.


I know it's weird, but growing up in WV I have had free reign on which sports teams to root for (except for college sports). I somehow ended up being a fan of Boston and Chicago teams...
My favorite NBA teams are the Celtics and Bulls. My favorite MLB teams are Red Sox and Cubs. My favorite football team is the Browns and the Bears (I live in Cleveland now, but have never been able to root for the Patriots). And my favorite NHL teams are Bruins and Blackhawks.

That being said, I have followed NHL the last 4-5 years and I get crazy excited when my teams make the playoffs. I have my teams for the western and eastern conference and will probably just keep rooting for them. Hopefully they make it all the way... but then I would be obligated to choose the Bruins.


I'm wearing a Thrashers shirt right now. Needless to say, we won't be making the playoffs.

Devils/Kovalchuk were eliminated over the weekend.

That leaves me with just "not Winnipeg" to root for.


Whoa whoa whoa, what is this with having 5000 teams to root for that aren't even close to each other? Shoot. I'm in New York, my family's from New Jersey, but I definitely don't get to choose. It's one or the other.

Rangers. As far as I'm concerned, 8 is as good as 1 once it all resets!


Chicago born, raised, and current resident, I'm lucky enough to have the Blackhawks!

I watched them win the Stanley cup from Sox Park (US Cellular :p) and it was amazing! The White Sox kept the park open after their game and showed the game on the main screen, a few hundred fans stayed and watched until Kane put it away.


Chalk up another Blackhawks fan. I'm in a similar boat in that going to a live game cemented my enjoyment of the sport. That and my in-laws getting me into a fantasy hockey league with them, which kind of forces you to pay attention. :)


I agree with @ceagee: the hockey and basketball seasons are just too darn long, as are the playoffs. There are too many teams that make the playoffs (especially in basketball). The regular season games are generally meaningless as individuals events. And really, how can I get excited about hockey when I know that the season won't be over until freakin JUNE!! Come on now.


Blackhawks fan, all the way! And yes, I hate Detroit. But it's going to be sad when Chicago and Detroit are not in the same division anymore, with the realignment. Kind of diminishes the rivalry. Although, I guess we could now see Chicago vs Detroit for the Stanley Cup.

And @smtatertot13, I love your reasons for liking teams (Boston was on the right-hand side of the tv screen).