questionsany recommendations for outdoor wireless speakers?


A freind of mine got these at work a year ago I will ask how they are but the reviews seem ok


@caffeine_dude: I'm curious whether you got any feedback from your friend. I'm looking to buy something like this soon too.


Try to avoid 900MHz wireless speakers if possible - they're quite prone to interference. Though a bit pricier, if quality is important, have a look at - their system uses 2.4GHz digital (similar to wifi, but not wifi). The sound quality is as good as wired.


If moneys not an issue i would recommend Sonos speakers. I have them all over my house and the sound out of them is incredible, not to mention that you can play different stuff on different speakers at will. It does require internet though.


@mcguffy & @pinksockin: I'm aware of Sonos but money's definitely an issue. Sonos is a pretty penny but it does seem like it's worth it if you want to put out that kind of money.

As for 900mhz I'm mostly with you - mostly. There's a set of (2) indoor/outdoor speakers out there that sells for between $100 & $150 that look pretty good and get decent reviews.

Ultimately though I found a great open-box deal at Best Buy on this set:

It's an indoor/outdoor speaker and to your point, it's a 2.4Ghz. I've had it for a couple of days and it's seeming like the signal is pretty reliable (it hasn't lost connectivity so far). The sound quality is pretty good and I can expand it to include one more of these speakers. So, so far I think I'd recommend these. Only time will tell.