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Here it is. The canonical question in the search for warmth, with a bunch of handy dandy answers already there (I found it by searching for shrdlu + lasko via google).

I should add that while there's a bunch of stuff in there that's more general, there are some nice links to heaters, too.

Ceramic FTW!


@perkalicious: Ceramic definitely! I picked this one up for my sister last month and she loves it:

She can heat a 10'x12' in next to no time at all. It ships for free too (well, it did for me)


I have a Holmes heater very similar to the Lasko mentioned above, and it's great. I'm always cold, the spouse is always hot, and my little heater is what makes Life comfortable while keeping the utility bills down the less than the mortgage payment.

The afore-mentioned Lasko is cheaper than mine, too, darn it.


I'm too hot most of the time, so no help with the heater choice.

But keep that heater away from the shower and for lord's sake, make sure it's plugged into an outlet with a GFCI (ground fault circuit interruptor). You probably have one in the bathroom, but if the wiring is old, you might need to get an electrician to install one.


@shrdlu: thanks. I glanced through that thread but figured it was a little broader than my scope. Sounds like all here are in favor of el ceramico.

@heymo: my bathroom is very poorly designed. There's one double outlet for the entire space, and it's kiddy-corner from the shower. I'm sure I'll end up setting the heater on the counter and aiming it towards the shower exit due to cord lentgh / outlet placement issues. Also, the one outlet is GFI. :) Thank you for your concern about my safety. I'm sure one groggy morning shower could have turned badly if circumstances were different. ;)

@lavikinga: oh how I love Prime. :D I was actually reading about that heater yesterday and wondering if it would be overkill at 1500 or 900 watts. Maybe that'd just make it quick, though. I suppose it's better to have more power in case it gets upgraded to servicing a different larger area.


It looks like the model @lavikinga recommended was $19 around Christmas.
I think I'll pull the trigger at $20 or less. ;)

There's an osculating model similar to this one. Any value in that, or not really?


@perkalicious11: My advice: Plan for the worst. Hope for the best. The one I linked you to is adjustable so it can cycle off and on (at least I think I linked the correct model).


@perkalicious11: I have the oscillating model. If you're just going to put this on a counter, I don't know that it'll make much difference. I use mine in the computer room, when the ambient air temperature is affected by the cold winter nights (i.e. it is VERY cold downstairs, far away from the thermostat upstairs). I have a remote. I love the remote.

Lasko FTW!!!


How far into space do you want it to heat?


If you can, place the heater on the ground; heat rises. If you own a lamp timer, you might be able to use it to start your heater about 15-30 minutes before you shower. Because I don't have enough outlets in my bathroom, I plug it into an extension cord that's plugged outside the bathroom. Also, I keep the bathroom door mostly closed, so the heat will have a chance to build up.


Consider nothing except not buying one. Having heat in your bathroom isn't worth the risks.


@perkalicious11: My bathroom has only one double outlet also with nothing to indicate that one of them is a ground fault interrupter! First time I had no electricity in the hallway, I was awfully upset until I checked the circuit breaker box to find a red flag on that bathroom. Sure enough, when I checked, I found that it is in fact a safe outlet. To check if yours is that way too, see if when you trip the gri at the box, you have electricity in the bathroom.


@shrdlu: Heh, I started that original thread! Ended up getting an electric blanket but it's not doing the trick. Just ordered the Lasko! Thanks for the rec. :-D


@luisibarra81: it'd ideally heat at least ~5' out

@eastercat: DUH heat rises! Thanks, I didn't even really think of that. I'd be exiting the shower with cold knees & feet still. :P

@tennisplayer121: how do you figure? It'd be across the room, not like I'm setting it on the tub ledge...?

@klozitshoper: My outlet is definitely GFI. After I painted my bathroom, the almond-colored switches looked like an even grosser yellow. I replaced those w/white paddle switches. Onto the almond-colored outlet; I learned the hard way that it was on a different, incorrectly-marked fuse than the rest of the power for the bathroom. My ex thought it'd be a better learning experience than just telling me in the first place. Asshat...

@thewronggrape: yet another vote for the Lasko, eh? Have you had a chance to use it yet?

I just saw that Home Depot has that Lasko for $19.99 with free shipping, but I'd pay $1.02 in tax. For the few dimes difference, I'd rather have it arrive in 2 days. Amazon wins again!


@perkalicious11: I only just ordered it today from Amazon along with a few other things. Can't get here soon enough - my central heat broke and I'm freezing.

Yes, I know I'm in L.A. and most of the country is covered in snow.

Yes, I do have some cheese here to go with my whine. :-P


Received the Lasko yesterday. At first I was shocked at the size of it - it's tiny! But we've used it twice now to warm up the bathroom (once for my lat night showers and another for the mister's early morning shower) and this thing is a little monster! Works very quickly and efficiently. I usually love to sit by a space heater and get all toasty but I've needed to turn this off after a few minutes because I get too warm.

In other words, I love it! Thanks @shrdlu and others for the rec.


@thewronggrape: ditto! I was surprised by both the compact size and the heat output as well. Three cheers for the Lasko!

Now only if figuring out what humidifier to order was as clear... ;)


@perkalicious11 and @thewronggrape: I told you so. :-D Actually, I love my little heater, and was just now sitting next to it, in what would otherwise be the coldest room in the house. I wish I was smart about the humidifiers, but I feel more confused about them after reading the responses. I'd just go with whatever it was that @lavikinga said (on general principles). What have you got to lose, right?

Too bad Lasko doesn't make them, right?


@shrdlu: Bought this one from Walmart several weeks ago when the youngest came down with a booming chest cold. ran around $16 and extremely easy to operate AND clean.


@shrdlu: I ended up more confused than I began too; I'm glad I wasn't the only one! I actually did run across one Lasko-brand humidifier and almost bought it just because I was so happy with the space heater. I don't think the humidifier boasted the positive reviews I was hoping for, though. :(

@lavikinga: My boyfriend actually told me last night that if I didn't just pick one he was going and getting the cheapest one he could find at Walmart. ;) We ended up picking the drop-shaped Crane model; it should arrive Monday. Hopefully it lives up to its hype!