questionshow/where can i blow up a picture from my wedding?


Here I was thinking gunpowder or fireworks. But I think this is more what you're looking for. Costco usually does canvas prints, too.


(not exactly on topic but pretty close) I seen someone laminate a picture, it looked very good. Not sure how long it would last.


Just off the top of my head, I know Walmart does them as well as Shutterfly. I'm sure there is a ton more. I haven't personally had any done though.


I usually get my prints from Snapfish so I get emails from them often. While I do not know how good of a quality their canvases and other products are I do have some coupon codes if you would like to use them.

This morning I received an email with a few offers. One of which was for all their Canvases -- 30% Off PLUS Free Shipping with the code: JOYDECOR.

You can find their products on their website under "Home Decor."
Edit: For some reason Woot kills the link. Just copy and paste in your browser. Good luck.


I printed a couple photos through these guys (mounted on aluminum) and was pleased with the results... (a bit expensive though)