questionswhen you use your phone with only one hand, which…


I'm deaf in my left ear so I use my right. Before I lost my hearing though, I always used my left.


Left so I can write with my right hand.


I use my left hand for the most part so I can use my right hand for other things that require better coordination.


I keep it in my pocket the same way, but use my right hand.


I'm mostly ambidexterous, so it varies based on what else I'm doing while on the phone.

If I'm writing, I hold it in my left hand.

When driving, I usually have only my left hand on the wheel so use my right with the phone. (Yes, I know...)

In noisy environments, my right ear is better than my left, so there are times that I hold the phone to my right ear using my left hand so I can write something (I really should just practice writing with my left hand... within a few weeks I'd be able to do it again).


I hold my phone with my left hand if I am on the internet or playing games, using my right hand for my precise actions.

I use my right hand when using my phone to talk.

I am right handed. As for the pocket thing, I'm not particular about it.... I just put my phone in my pocket and walk about. Sometimes it ends up in my coat pocket.


Talking/left hand, texting/right hand, right rear pocket and earpiece when I'm on the move. (And I ALWAYS jump out of my skin when my phone goes off in my pocket :-/ )


Leftie here, but hopeful this follows mouse use where I adopted mainstream use case. For talking I hold and listen with my left hand/ear. For touch input I hold with my right and use my right thumb for one-off actions like unlock slide and bigger buttons. For gameplay or rapid string of input stuff I hold with right hand but input with left index finger, but I guess this constitutes 2 handed use. So my answer is Right hand and preference is optimize for Right thumb.


@baqui63: pretty much the same

I try to put my phone on speaker as much as possible and try to keep it away from my head as much as possible.


I hold it with my left hand, using my right to touch icons or type. That's due to force of habit as I usually put the phone up to my left ear when talking on it. (My left ear is better to hear with.)


If I'm walking or just sitting around, I use my right hand.

If I'm doing something else at the same time, I use my left.

But usually I use my headphones with a mic so I don't have to use either hand.


I used to hold it with my right hand, I think...lately, I've been trying to hold my cellphone like L from Death Note (), so it's been varying.


In my handbag in a pocket. Don't use it an awful lot, but when I do, I hold it in my right hand.


I'm left-handed. I hold the phone in my left hand unless I need to write or something, then I switch. Often I'll put it on speaker, still holding it in my left hand but in front of me instead of up to my head.


You mean using it to talk?
Do people still do that?

I use my left hand when consuming "media", because my right hand is "occupied"

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Right handed/right-hand-holding.


I use either or. When I'm at my desk at work my phone is in my left hand more often (and I keep my hand on my mouse). When I'm doing anything else I think I use my right hand more. Now I'm curious and will be paying more attention to this!


Left hand phone, right hand for other things.


The only time my phone is in my right hand is when I am taking it out of my pocket. I hold it in my left for use. I used to be fully ambidextrous but I suffered brief left-side paralysis years ago that makes my left hand a bit stupid. I can do anything with it, but I have to pay attention or it gets sloppy. I try to use my left hand for complex tasks, though, as that supposedly slows the onset of Alzheimers, which is rampant in my family.


For single-handed touch operation, I prefer to hold my iPhone in my left palm and use my thumb.
It drives me batty when apps change their interfaces to put primary activities in the upper right corner (ie. the newly refreshed Foursquare app which has moved the Check-in to the upper corner, far far away from my thumb).
For talking, I generally prefer holding with my right hand or doing the speakerphone thing.


Thanks for all the answers. Based on your responses it's not quite as clear cut as UX experts would like to believe, but then again I was assuming most everyone used their left hand.

For right handed users who hold their phone with their right hand (apparently the majority) I think this heat map is pretty logical:

Which makes me want to layout primary actions in the green space and secondary actions in the yellow space.