questionswhere can i buy ammo for a pistol?


I would suggest you invest in a quality reloading press.


A family member of mine has been having the same problem and happened to be in the local Walmart before work one morning this week and Walmart had just stocked it and was able to buy a few boxes. Good luck in your search!!


@lmensor: yea that seems to be what i've read online also.... just gonna have to keep my eyes open i guess. thnx :)


@drsilentg: Check locally, my range 9mm ammo is 23-33 cents a shot and my self-defense rounds run 1.19 a round. My local Wal-Marts tell me when they work the truck and the ammo coming in. You just have to get a number and wait in line. Apparently, just recently (pre-Boston), Academy Sports removed their one box of ammo per person daily limit and moved it three boxes per day. Be careful of other's reloads, but start saving your own brass if you don't already. Also I got seven hundred rounds for about two hundred bucks locally through Armslist. Good luck!


I work in a gun store/range. Here's what we're seeing...

Gotta buy our ammo from any source we can. Sometimes cheap, sometimes not so much. It's the market.

Academy and Walmart have stuff when they open but it won't stay long. Both of their prices aren't really too bad, especially when considered with the lack of product availablity. But you can't buy what's not in stock.

Keep trying. I needed some .380. No one had it but wandered into a Walmart in townI don't normally hit. They had some so purchased the limit (three boxes) and went back the next day and bought 3 more.

Some of the folks in-the-know are predicting it to loosen up in the fall. We're already seeing "a little bit" of movement in that direction but it's still frustrating.

One more point. Don't believe everything you see written on the internet about the government buying up all the ammo...unless you wear a tin foil hat. In that case, believe everything.


Near realtime tracking of who has ammo in stock.


Use ArmsList (similar to Craigslist) or GunBroker (similar to Ebay) for buying ammo/guns/etc.

I also like to use ammoseek & slickguns to see what the lowest price is for what I am buying beforehand...

Otherwise call around and find out where all of the local gun shops are and find out when Wal-Mart gets deliveries.. They usually have some ammo for grabs.


@hgtstr: Reloading is normally a good way to go. For the last few weeks, reloading supplies have been in short supply too.

@Imensor: The 3 Walmarts in my town have been without much ammo for weeks. You can get odd rifle calibers but .22 LR, .38, .357, .40, .45 are not available here. Hopefully the panic buying will stop soon.


@tracergod: I bookmarked that. I'd vote you up twice if I could!


We just opened an outdoor store and are stocking ammo. It is hit or miss with the places we are using for supply. We are basically doing the stuff everyone else has mentioned - and I also recommend reloading as well for the future. We stop by several Walmarts, Bass Pro, Dick's and a couple other smaller sporting goods stores throughout our weekly travels to see who has what and stock up where we can. Some of our wholesale suppliers have some things, but everyone seems to be out of the same thing. Be aware of price gouging - and remember who is doing it so you never give them business in the future. In the town near our shop, someone was selling bricks of .22 LR for $75 to $100!! Ours were priced at $35, you can imagine we have a lot more return customers. Also, make some friends at the range that perhaps have reloads that they may be willing to work something out with you on - stores can't sell them.


@mkdr: can you sell me some 9mm ammo at wooters cahooters price :)


@mkdr: there are people on ARMSLIST posting .22LR at $1/per round.. It's ridiculous!

Luckily I have about 15 550-remington bricks of .22LR so I am set for awhile.. What I am short on, is 9MM JHP and .45ACP JHP..


@mkdr: We've had plenty of folks coming in and telling us horror stories as well about gougers.

One guy bought a box of 9mm (same brand we normally stock) for $20 than we charge. Another told of being at a gun show (where prices aren't known for being low to begin with) and finding a brick of .22 LR (now this was the 333 brick) for $250.

We aren't telling people to remember who gouges, we're just telling them we are worried about our prices BECAUSE people will remember who gouges and we don't want to be on that list. ;)


Call the local gun ranges, most of the ranges have ammo to sell, and the price is about the same as before.
You will likely have to shoot at that range to buy, but that shouldn't be a problem.
Monitor gunbot and slickguns, and don't just buy 1 or 2 when you get the chance. Might seem expensive to buy 5 or 10, but when you find a good price you should get enough to last for a while. Then you can be more selective about what and when you buy. Having everyone I the country buying their ammo from a few Internet retailers is insane, so hopefully local shops will be back in supply soon.


@drsilentg: Actually, we did just get a few boxes in, but they are already earmarked for someone - sorry! But if you are in the central PA area and want to stop by we'll let the first person who gets there have them! And if you are in the central PA area, Kinsey's Outdoors in Mt. Joy (outside of Lancaster) generally has a very good supply of a variety of calibers.


@mtm2: "government buying up all the ammo" (I am not accusing you of propagating the rumor, that is just the first time I've heard it and I'd like to comment on it specifically)

Wow, that is a new level of crazy - and we've seen some exciting levels of crazy in the past few months. This is pretty much the self-fulfilling prophecy of conspiracy theories, really. Someone started a rumor of the gov't driving prices up by keeping supplies down, which caused people to go buy more ammo. This of course pushed supplies down, which pushed prices up. I would love to know who started the rumor (not that I would expect the responsible party to own up to it).


@mkdr: thats crazy! i'm actually in North east PA (near scranton/wilkes-barre)


@lparsons42: We have people come in with their theroies all the time. One was stating "the government is buying all the .22LR so I can't buy any".

We asked - which government agency shoots .22LR?

He probably won't be back...

I need to add that he read it on the internet as well.


Cabelas has limited supplies of most ammo, but no .22s at all.
Small sporting goods stores have a good supply. In northern Idaho, Black Sheep Sporting Goods has a really good supply of most calibers, and White Elephant in Spokane has a limited supply.
There are some online sites like and, but shipping can be expensive. Ammunition store has .22 LR, for anyone needing some, but again, shipping is costly:

Also, OSHA is currently working on new rules that will reclassify ammunition as “explosives.” This could make it prohibitively difficult for your local Wal-Mart to sell ammunition. The OSHA regulations, as written, would require every Wal-Mart store to be evacuated during thunderstorms.


@misterron: OSHA - There is some tin-foil hat stuff out there on the subject from 2007, but I don't see any current proof this is happening. Have any current links?


Another vote for gunbot. Non-scalped ammo is available, you need to check often or have the alert on.
Usually when a good deal comes up it's like an old time woot BOC. I've registered at sites that I see not charging silly prices for ammo or shipping so it makes checkout a bit quicker.
Other than that, check gun/sporting goods stores whenever you go by or same with Walmart.
I'll say it again - the potus and co. are one heck of an arms seller.


@mtm2: All the tinfoil hat stuff I see is on Facebook. "Homeland Security is buying up billions of rounds for when they come to take your guns away.WoooOOOooOOoooOOoo!!"

Also, it's not price gouging, it's supply and demand. Free market and all that.
Since ammo isn't (debatably) necessary for life, then you may feel free to exercise your buying power as you deem appropriate.

I know after the Singapore floods, I sure wasn't building any systems needing a hard drive.

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@j5: " it's not price gouging, it's supply and demand." this is true to an extent, we all expected prices to go up as supply dropped. I just went to a gun show and that was definetly price gouging. One guy had about 60k rounds of 9mm sitting there (obviously not that hard to come by) charging over $1/rnd. price gouging is really only a problem when supply seems low. Theres a big difference in price going up to meet demand and price going up due to greed.

I stop by walmart about x3 per week before work each morning (.3 miles from where I work) I find it about every 2-3 weeks always on different days, different brands, different calibers, etc. It's not that hard to find if you're willing to look ahead of time. If I can find it here in NC I think you can find it wherever you are as well.

I have noticed that shotgun shells are also starting to disappear. I'm pretty sure this is just due to the hysteria. anyone else noticed this?


@nmchapma: My point is that it's not gouging because you have a choice. For such situations, I choose to laugh and walk away. Others may find value in the price charged and act accordingly.
Guys like you mentioned are the reason Wal-Mart (et. al.) put a limit on the quantity. Otherwise they'd be flipping ammo on CL for huge profit. (like the HP tablet fire sale)

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I watch I've been successful a few times when Cabela's has some in stock, and get it at a "decent" price.

If you have a WalMart or Dick's (Cabela's, etc...) store locally, try to find when they get shipments, and be there when they open. I'm a regular at being at my local Dick's before they open. Other's are as well, so sometimes I get what I want, sometimes I don't. Also, call those stores and ask them if they are getting ammo in. Most stores know ahead of time what is coming in on a truck. Just call them, every day, and ask about "tomorrow". Don't worry, they are used to it and understand.

Join groups on Facebook with local people who buy/sell/trade/discuss hunting, shooting and outdoors stuff. You may find someone who is willing to part with some ammo. Or, at least, you may make some good networking connections and meet a few decent folks. I have, and I look out for things they need, and they look out for me. We're all in the same boat :-)


@j5: gotta love that free enterprise :-)


@j5: You can call it what you want - I call it gouging.


When I can buy a 50rd box of 9mm from a local shop for $14.99 and the very same ammo from some online retailers is priced 10-20 dollars more plus shipping, I call it gouging.
Even the lesser expensive Russian steel cased ammo is being gouged by some. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to see one retailer selling for .45 cents a round and another with the exact same product selling for $1.40 a round that gouging is going on.
I will grant the prices have gone up a few percentage points - the $7.99 or $9.99 boxes are rare now- but not so much as some of the prices I see.