questionsdo in home cell phone boosters really work, what…


If you really are next to each other, and it's the same phone, you have a problem with your phone, not your signal.

Do you have some sort of case that he doesn't? Do you have a deathgrip on your phone? Did you bedazzle your battery cover? If not, I'd take a trip to your Verizon store and see if they can determine what's up.


I have the Verizon network extender and it works great, but it's $250.
Sounds like you need a new phone if another phone has plenty of signal.


@julie1961: i have to agree with @dcalotta - something has happened to or is wrong with your phone. i've had something similar happen to one of my phones. i took the phone into a Verizon store who didn't believe me about the bad signal until they looked at the bars & tried to make a call. apparently Verizon stores (maybe not authorized retailers though, not sure) have a booster of some kind, to ensure that everyone gets great coverage there. once they realized there really was something wrong, they asked me a lot about what i'd done to the phone and eventually replaced it as a dud (even though this didn't happen to a brand new phone.) YMMV.

regardless, i work in a small office in a rural area that gets okay Verizon coverage, but not great. my company purchased a booster (the size of a wireless router, same as referenced by @northfield) and it has made all the difference for the Verizon signal. again, YMMV.