questionshave the rules on duplicate postings changed? or…


Yup, I noticed that. But the new one already had 40+ votes and was popular. There was nothing I could do... Didn't even bother tattling.
It's just hard to get a deal up to popular once it's already in the grave (not RIP'd, just gone) and that deal needed to be up on popular.


I've found when something is date-specific, mods are very lenient in allowing items to be reposted.

Another example (along the lines of the Slurpee deal) is I'll often see items listed when they first have an entry on Amazon but have not been released, then again on their release date.


@novastarj: You mean like the latest work by George R.R. Martin ;-)

[edit]: Update: I see that a staffer has updated my tags. Would love to hear from you, whoever you are!


@heymo: Indeed! Sometimes people need to be reminded of these things :D


@novastarj: I agree! Which is why I haven't tattled on it (and won't be tattling either). Thanks for the reminder, by the way. I had totally forgotten that today was the release date.

But @jumbowoot's last word on this issue was that a duplicate is a duplicate, regardless. He's the warden of this asylum, and I think things are smoothest when everyone understands the rules of the game.

How many free chikin [sic] sandwiches were lost last Friday because I didn't know I could remind people to dress up as cows? Oh, the humanity!!


@heymo: oh is that why the folks at Chik-Fil-A threw a free sandwich at me when i walked by? weird...

faughtey suggested a way to make certain deals stickies and i was thinking this would be a good use of that. a national free "something" event. it would eliminate or cut down on dupes and resurrect posts that everyone forgot about already

vote-for2vote-against vs.

Here's a similar scenario. Amazon owns Zappos. Same shoes, same price, same day. The Amazon post is not a duplicate of the Zappos post.

I did not see the other alleged duplicates. I can't make a ruling on them.


@jumbowoot: Thanks for the clarification on what is considered a discrete event. I think you're going to see a lot more postings that are essentially duplicates as companies broadcast event information and coupon codes via an increasing number of channels. But time will tell.

I still like the idea of allowing a "friendly reminder" the day before some of these big events: free Ben & Jerry's, free chick-fil-a, free slurpees, the drop date for a long-awaited novel, etc.

Your house, your rules.