questionsare you a sucker for free shipping?


I too only buy stuff with "free" shipping, it's a mental thing I guess, I know it really isn't free. But I will add this... since TAXES are collected for shipments to California I stopped buying on the web.

If I'm paying taxes anyway I just walk in to a local store and pick it up right now. I can also return it with no problems too!

Who needs FedEx or the Post office if there isn't some kind of advantage buying on-line?


No, that's silly. Total cost is more important than free shipping.

I bought a bunch of music CDs last week. They were a penny each with shipping bringing them to $2-3 each. Totally worth it.


Yes, I am a sucker for free shipping.Now I gotta run and buy a Lego watch for my nephew I normally wouldn't buy... but hey, I unlocked free shipping earlier!


I generally agree with you that we are spoiled by free shipping promotions which make us feel entitled to not have to pay for it.

I hate having to pay shipping, but if the total item price is cheaper with shipping and handling from one place, I'll obviously opt for the cheaper price.

On a side note, I'll opt for picking up something in store (that is 30 miles away) rather than have to pay for shipping, even though gas may cost a little bit more than the total shipping and handling.


Free shipping & no tax, I'm there!


Yeah, I love free shipping. Makes me feel like I "beat the system" because I'm not spending time and gas going to the store to get it. It's being delivered to me.. for free!!!

But, unless it's something I would have to drive a distance to get, it's still about total cost :-)


I like free shipping, though total cost is most important. I hesitate to buy Meritline items that do not have free shipping. The Woot "Free Shipping" (after the first $5) is a big plus. I often buy cheap items that I would otherwise have passed on during the Woot-Off once I have unlocked my shipping for the day.


I bought a pile of stuff on woot today and yesterday only because I had free shipping! They are marketing geniuses! GENIUSES! It's like evil mind control, but I'm totally okay with it. Hmmm. Does that make me a henchman?


Nope. But $5 off coupons have my heart. Everything else is just gravy.


Most of the time I only shop at places that have free shipping.
I definitely wouldn't pay more though - under any circumstance. After all, my love for free shipping was born from my desire to keep as much of my money as possible :D


It's a big factor in my decision because it helps me determine the TOTAL COST upfront. I'm always disappointed to find a "good deal" then use a shipping calculator to determine their charge is sky-high.


@mattysc: Yep. I can't begin to count the number of times I've almost bought something on line only to get to the shipping calculator and learn the shipping is so high the total cost just isn't worth what I'm willing to pay for the item.


It's one of the reasons I've been a Amazon Prime Member. My family orders so much stuff from Amazon during the year that is pays for itself in a short time and we're spoiled by the 2 day shipping. Heck, sometimes things show up the very next day!


It makes it easier to figure the total cost up likey.