questionsdid you receive an e-mail from toys r us about…


It would be an outrage if they canceled your order and gave you nothing in return.


@holymythos: The fact that the order was $341.54 after shipping+tax whereas Amazon had $299.99 no tax/free shipping and $100 code, means I only bought this bundle for the $150 game (which is only an $8.46 gain from the amazon deal)

And if they offered nothing, It would only require a quick call to the BBB... Been there done that..

However I called Toys-R-Us and talked to an online orders representative, and they put it back on my order and removed my codes. So to all out there that do receive this e-mail--- just call and they will put it back on!


From my understanding, if I'm reading this right, they look like they're still crediting you for your free game anyways. I don't understand what the problem really is. Probably because I wasn't aware of the original deal.


@holymythos: The game in question was $149.99 not $60; which is why I called =/ It's the Epic Edition of Gears of War


@devexityspace: Ah, I understand now. Yeah, I see your point. Though I would think something would be fishy if you were getting a $150 game for free.


Toys-R-Us and Barnes and Noble are notorious for this. I don't buy from either.


Oh yea, weren't they offering ANY free game with a Kinect console purchase? I hate it when retailers try to pull this sorta stuff. I feel bad for the suckers that just take it without putting up a fight. I got overcharged for some of the things I bought from them today. I spent over $200! I'm busting skulls tomorrow!

How I imagined the conversation went...

TRU: Sorry, what we meant get a free game up to $60 w/purchase, but we forgot to put it in print. BTW, that guy's been demoted to toilet duty now, so that makes us even right?,'s also $60, you still need to pay tax on a game though... sorry again.

@devexityspace: What? Screw that! I'm pretty sure that's illegal and I can sue you AND win.

TRU: Oh, alright, you win. ...but we're not inviting you to have cake...and it's tasty birthday cake. ...and it's your birthday :[

@devexityspace: ...


I called Toys R Us again today to see if it would automatically ship when it came back in stock and they said no, however the lady offered to credit my card the $149.99 back on my card.. so Essentially I got the xbox360/Kinect bundle for $191.55 TOTAL.

Definitely a good day! Sold the Xbox 360 Bundle for $270 as well :)


As soon as I ordered the xbox I also bought one of those $50 dollar value xbox microsoft points cards, a larger hardrive, and a gears of war controller. When I received the xbox over a week ago I also bought borderlands made a gold account and used those points and hardrive. Now they email me saying I would get a gift card for $60? I only bought the xbox for gears of war epic edition and I told them my situation. They offered a $90 gift card. Well tomorrow her supervisor is going to call me and honestly I WILL NOT accept anything other than $150 back. I asked for a copy of the fine print and she said they might not have it anymore... does anyone still have it?


I called after looking at this thread and the original one. I got a supervisor to give me the $60 credit and a $30 + shipping of the xbox charge back to my card.
So a total of $95 or so. Still sucks, but somewhat better than what amazon was offering.


Stop crying because you tried to cheat the system.

Their promotions can be canceled or changed without notice at anytime. They obviously made a mistake on their end, and are willing to give you a credit. If you don't like that option, just don't buy.

Misprints happen all the time. It would have been awesome to get Epic edition included, but they decided that it was not applicable to this promotion.


@sykotek: Did you get your law degree from Woot too?


@rbrasche: That nice well I managed to keep the $60 gift card and they refunded me $110. So instead of a $150 refund I received $160. Also I was not "crying", but trying to get others input on how to get refunded the full amount. I did end up figuring out a way to do so. I figured my time was better spent trying to get that refund than trolling the forums like others...