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"When it absolutely positively has to be there overnight" to your local B&M.

I know this advice doesn't help you in this specific case, but I would never order something I needed RIGHT NOW over the internet. I've already been burned by that before, and no it wasn't by Woot. First of all, overnight/next day/second day/whatever doesn't always mean what it says. Best case scenario it means "from whenever we ship it" which may or may not be today, depending on the time the order is placed and several other factors. Worst case scenario it means from the origination processing center to the destination processing center (USPS is famous for this). Secondly, you run into shipping problems like this. The shipping company will investigate, but that usually will take a few days. Did they go to the wrong house? Did the carrier steal the package? Did the carrier just dump them all into the river and SAY he delivered them? Who knows, but bottom line, you don't have your item.


Yikes! That was me, I guess I didnt see the second part of your email regarding the cancellation. Apologies.

Going to email you some further instructions to see if we can help.


@stile99: What's B&M. is it Bolliger & Mabillard or bricks & mortar


I hate lame excuses by customer service people.


@mkentosh: To whom, exactly, were you referring?


@mkentosh: I hate customer service that doesn't try to address the problem. In this case, everything is being done to take care of the customer. As much crap that gets complained about on this site, customer service is the one thing that is always praised, and rightfully so. Woot has amazing customer service.


how did this turn out? And thanks @justinables for being a standup dude and writing back. I think the community appriciates it.


And once again why I hate FedEX. UPS & USPS drop it behind the gate. FedEx goes to the front of my house (which I don't enter) and hides it behind a bush. Why? No clue. They're also the worst on pre-signs. Had a playstation getting work on it and couldn't sign and pick up from FedEx. Could only wait for delivery and sign then. Now this may be a Sony BS issue, but they still allow this policy to be there and make me lose a day for some guy to show up between 8 & 5.

My diverting rant of the day.


@psumek: I hear you. I got a friend to stay at my house yesterday morning as I had to be at City Council, and then took a half day off in the afternoon to wait for the AT&T guy to come fix my DSL and he never showed. They are going to want to re-schedule and I don't want to have to take more time off from work for them. Very annoying. If they'd set an actual appointment like a real business rather than this "any time between 8 and 8" crap it would be possible to work around them.


@psumek: Sorry, but my experience is radically different than yours. As a manufacturer, I used to ship UPS exclusively but their inability to accept auto-debit payments and issue monthly vs. weekly invoices ended that situation. I have shipped FedEx Ground/Home Delivery for over 4 years now with only (1) damaged package and no lost ones. When I receive FedEx deliveries they come to the door every time. USPS is now handling a lot of my shipments since their rates are best in Zone 1 (the nearest zone to the shipper) and sometimes elsewhere for lower weight packages. Also, USPS is now trackable which is a plus. And when is the last time anyone can remember a USPS employee 'going postal'? My local Postmaster (Postmistress?) is a sweetie! Of course we are quite rural and she knows most people by name.


Hi guys, just wanted to give you guys an update. After raising cain on my local fed ex depot, blustering that we have security cameras out front, & by sheer coincidence speaking to the god sister of the driver (she works at the fed ex depot that was delivering) the driver showed back up at my home about an hour later & was suddenly able to follow the instructions (bell/window knock/phone number) left on a note on the front door. Customer service was unable to cancel the accidental order for the second bag which showed up yesterday.

I feel like customer service did what they could but I also feel like packages being delivered into NYC should not ever be marked "no signature required". Essentially if it's not nailed down it will get stolen and marking something "No sig required" is an invitation to theft.

Woot claims they'll send me a return label for the second bag which is a relief because I kind of don't like the first bag but since I already used it...

That's the update. xo.


@zippy the pinhead: I hate USPS deliveries. I am rural and they usually leave me a card that I have to go to the post office to pick it up. I love UPS and Fed-ex, they get dropped at the door. I just wish woot would jump on the prime bandwagon.