questionswhere can i find a killer deal on killzone 3?


Buy it used from Amazon. Right now they have Killzone 3 for $36.94 (includes shipping & handling). I have bought my last 6 games used from Amazon with no problems at all. Just make sure you select like new or very good condition and a seller with good ratings.

I bought Killzone 3 a couple days ago and the only thing that separates it from a new game is I don't have to take the plastic wrap off.


Also just found from @jnet9102 this site called
I have never user it so I have no clue how legit/good it is.


@zman723: I hadn't thought of purchasing used from Amazon. Do they offer guarantees on the used games?

@zman723: I have seen a couple of glyde deals posted here and I am still not sure about that site.


@linkage89: "Do they offer guarantees on the used games?"

If it is Shipped and Sold by Amazon or Amazon Partner then yes

About halfway down is a "Warehouse Deal" Every single game I have gotten from the Warehouse Deals looks brand new (Pretty sure they resurface it or something). And it is covered by Amazon to be fully working.