questionsthere's an international women's day?


That's fine. I just want an International Man's day where I can sit on the couch and the only question I am asked is "Do you need another drink hun?"


IWD has nothing at all to do with marketing anything except an awareness of the inequities women face in many countries and ways to work to improve the lives of women and their families.

In the West, International Women's Day was first observed as a popular event after 1977 when the United Nations General Assembly invited member states to proclaim March 8 as the UN Day for women's rights and world peace.

Check Wiki for more information:

You might enjoy listening to Judy Collins singing "Bread and Roses", which few people today remember (lyrics provided on that link). It is most closely associated with the 1912 Lawrence Textile Strike, which united dozens of immigrant communities under the leadership of the Industrial Workers of the World and was led to a large extent by women. (Children as young as 6 worked in the Lawrence mills 7 days a week; 50% of "women" there were 14 -18.)

History is worth knowing.


@coondogg97: November 19th.

To answer the question, I have no problem with these holidays. Any excuse for a party is a good excuse.


blah blah blah. Where I live it's International I don't give a F* Day.


It isn't a holiday, it is a day of honor. Most deserved by many Ladies who are visible in the media and recorded in history. Yet, even more deserved in our hearts and minds by those who only we know.


I'm ahead of the curve on this one! I've been an ardent admirer of the female form for a long time...


GAT DANG IT WOOT! I hate you sometimes.

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while it's easy to remember that women only get paid 20% of men in USA we have to remember this is international women's day. It's easy for us to ignore problems that we see in countries like South Africa where it is reported that a woman is raped every 17 seconds. as long as injustices like this are still happening anywhere this is an important day to honour the women who have struggled over the years to bring equality to both genders... Hopefully it's not too long before we see equality amongst everyone.

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Hah, I just now actually read your post @dmaz. If you think this day has anything to do with spending you're sorely mistaken. I've only known about it for about 2 years... i guess 3 now? but I still feel it's an important day. celebrate the progress we have made as a society, but take time to realize all the things we still have a lot further to go and see what we can do to bring a better future to everyone.

Hopefully what i have said has changed your view even the slightest, and gives you a new appreciation for what you originally felt to be a worthless cash grab "holiday"


@cowboydann: Your comments are appreciated. Thanks.

I was going to make some stupid semantics joke about the meaning of "international" women.

Instead, I shall point out that in developing countries, financial foreign aid has the most positive results when money, food, medical supplies, etc. are given to women, particularly mothers. They tend to care more about the community and helping out not just their own children and their future, but other families as well. They are less likely than men to waste the money on frivolous (read: non-essential) items.


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Here's the Atlantic's take on IWD, in the form of a photo-essay, featuring women from around the globe:

Did you know that there are fourteen current elected or appointed female heads of government? Me neither.


They deserve one day a year out of the kitchen, so I'm for it.