questionswhat would the community do with $1,000,000?


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I'd decide once I have the money in my hand, but there's one guarantee: I'm giving half of it to the government.


The area that I live in-which is NOT in NY or NJ-has several areas that were very badly hit by Hurricane Sandy. One in particular is in one of the poorest counties in the state. I would ask for $25,000 to make sure that every child in that town received, 1)a warm coat for winter, 2)a decent pair of shoes, 3)some sort of toy-probably a plush, 4)a decent meal for Christmas.


I would hire 12 sky writers (1 in each of 12 different cities) to write the same message in the clouds on the same day... "Amber, will you marry me?" followed by my phone number.

I don't know what it is, but I've got a thing for girls named Amber.

Any money left over would be used to take an Amber out on a really nice date.


I am a Nigerian prince....


My wife and I both grew up poor, so most of our youth experiences were centered around what we did at school. The annual zoo trip had a profound impact on by my life because it was just something my parents couldn't afford to do, it was like a vacation.

25 years later my wife and I have heard that many schools aren't doing the annual trip to the zoo any longer due to rising fuel costs and other expenses. We give as much money as we can to help, but I wish I could drop a $50,000 check to my kid's school district to keep the zoo trip alive.


There are 407 black triangles (▲) today, so that works out to $2457/ea.
I think that will work.


I would loan some money to my friend Brian at 5pm, and give him 24 hours to pay me back. Then when he doesn't pay me back, I'd throw my orange juice in his face, and beat him mercilessly until he does.


I'd put $50,000 aside to pay for college for my kids!