questionsfastest shipping ever on the haan steamer?


The Woot Gods smiled upon you. Congrats!


The fastest I've experienced here was with the cast iron skillet; ordered Saturday in the evening and received Monday afternoon.

What @thunderthighs explained was that some items are drop shipped from the manufacturer, some fulfilled by Amazon, and some by Woot, all in the name of efficiency.


You bought a steamer? I didn't see the original post, I guess, but I wouldn't buy one unless it was a Cleveland variety. Even then, I would hesitate.


I just got my tracking number. Twelve hours after I received the steamer. I look forward to being wrinkle free with minimal effort and expense.

@jstimace: I'm sure your hesitance wouldn't last but a moment when you harken back to the delight you reveled in the last time the Cleveland steamer darkened your cough door.