questionshow will we be able to give reputation to various…


I have a propensity for going back and editing what I just wrote. Missed by one minute, dang it. I just realized that one of the best preventions for malware (from community deal posters) is that Woot is hitting the site to retrieve images and information. This makes me regret the malware tag (just saying).


Ooooo I like that idea.......sort of like the reputation thing going on that folks on here know to beware......and same goes for a retailer that we know is a good guy, like that one that was a sponsored dealer yesterday with the refurbished dell....even though it was an old laptop - there might have been a parent looking for a cheap laptop for their youngster....and knowing that the retailer is reputable, from the community, is always comforting.....


This is an extremely good idea. Problems I can see with this are:

"How?" There is no way really for woot to have a tab of retailers for voting up or "up-repping". IF Woot is going to revive the stupid tab, make a flash tab, the retailer tab would just make it so bulky and unwieldy that almost everyone would have no idea how to use it.

"Where?" Where are they going to put the rep display of each retailer? Is it going to be a hover over, a tab, or a whole nother section up top?

Functionality and usability: how is this going to work from the users point of view and also from woots' point of view. Are the wooters going to pay attention to it, or are they going to just buy blindly?

All-in-all a great idea. Practically speaking (in this case typing), I don't think this will work as a part of this site.


@sgoman5674: Yeah, ten minutes after I posted this, I realized it was DOA. I think I'm just going to have to be more agressive at using Tattle, making comments, and otherwise pursuing that rare creature that's not just a spammer, but BAD. I've only really seen one serious character so far, so I suspect that will be what I have to live with.

It is what it is.

The sun will come up tomorrow, or it won't.