questionsdoes anybody remember when voting looked like…


You know one of the strangest things is, MOST of those links are still active lol.. Woot's pretty pretty good about keeping archives..

Also, check out the deal posters.. I haven't seen a lot of those people in awhile. But surprise surprise, @shrdlu's on that list :) (looking at the "Really old")


+1 for informing me of that cool site.


Love how you linked to the wayback machine. I remember the "woots" but didn't really pay attention back in the beginning. Also I just started really interacting with the site in the past few months...I just use to lurk and browse. Too Bad I probably could've gotten alot of coupons from Wootbot if I started earlier.


@drchops: "Really Old?" Hey, you watch your phraseology, bub.

Some of my favorite people on the planet work for Archive dot Org. I recently sent off my collection of early 2600 magazines to one of them. It's amazing what you can find there.

I've even rebuilt a site that would have otherwise vanished through the Wayback Machine.

Shrdlu loves them.


YES! I wasn't involved in the community at that point but I remember seeing it and thinking "huh, they all look like little houses"


I'm surprised some people downvoted this topic, perhaps they don't like bringing up the past?


I wasn't around for the REALLY old Woot link you posted (as I wasn't cool enough to have discovered the awesomeness that is Woot!), but I do want that Spock shirt!


@mlutz3: Probably in regard to the similar previous question... Any reason is a chance to down-vote for some members...


i don't remember or wasn't around for the first vote arrows, but i remember the Woots, those just changed


@mlutz3: Some people will downvote anything.


Perhaps Woot! is a lot more active now... or maybe it was just early or an "off-time" with those snapshots... but certainly not a lot of votes in the sponsored deals and the most popular community deal doesn't have more than 30 votes.


i think i remember the second one, before i became a member i hid in the shadows....
....i think i like the old Woot! buttons...


@mlutz3: Some people probably down-voted because it has been discussed before, as @jsoko pointed out.


@shrdlu:, that did come out a wee bit wrong didn't it?
I meant the "Really old" link is where I found your name :)


The more things change, the more they stay the same.


@falcondeal: If you would have actually read or checked it out before jumping at the chance to downvote.. you'd notice that the link @jsoko posted and this have nothing in common other than "the past" lol.. and I guess the "Woot!" brand.
...they're even referencing two completely unique websites ( vs

Buuuuut, some people just love to have any excuse to downvote :)
Whatever floats your boat I guess..

[And it's okay... I know how to take a punch :)]( "PUNCH!" )


Thumbs up just 'cause it says "Spock, paper, scissors".


@drchops: Dammit! They cut my edit time short, now I got that ugly messed up URL lol.. I always transpose the bracket's and parentheses :]

[ed] Ohhh! It's because of that space in between the quotation..

If anyone powerful enough to delete spaces happens to come around reading this, feel free to correct my mistake :)


That is a really cool website, awesome concept.


Its funny how low the votes are.


Just out of curiosity, how many people tried to vote for those old deals?

I'm not ashamed to admit, I clicked :D

Although I guess I wasn't "trying to vote," mostly just wanted to see how the archived page would react to the click (it didn't). Still, I did click heh


Also, for giggles, check out the ACTUAL page (Remove the " " up to where "" starts)

You can benefit from the new STATS feature and see how active the page actually was (roughly anyways).. Views, clicks, etc..


Three days before I joined. Glad I missed the really old criteria.