questionsany other formula 1 racing fans out there?


Going to display my ignorance for all to see - Is Formula 1 the type of race where it's a miles long circuit that goes through the country-side? Or is that Le Mans? Hmmm Bet what I'm thinking of is Le Mans - like the race they used to have in Monaco. Sterling Moss was my idol. My cob-webbed brain is beginning to clear. Maybe. Formula 1 is on an oval circuit, yes? Haven't been watching, will see if I can get whatever channel it's on. Love fast cars! Thanks for the question!


My dad is a big auto racing fan, more for the cars (engineering and design) than for the actual drivers/sport. I grew up watching a lot of racing on tv on the weekends (Nascar was the best. You could watch the start, take a nap, wake up for the pit stops and not have missed much of anything). I'm hanging out with my family this weekend, so we watched some of practice yesterday. Interesting the designs that the teams have come up with for the front of their cars this year. Not sure if I'll get to watch the race, but I'm hoping I can see part of it.


@gmwhit: They still race in Monaco, every year. It's my favorite circuit; I know every inch of it by heart. Check this out. You may want to skip to around the 40 second mark.

Formula 1 is on an oval circuit, yes? No. In no uncertain terms, no. Absolutely no. Nyet. Nein. óxi. ...sorry, I'm just really not a fan of driving in a circle and calling it a race.

If you have the Speed channel (150 on Dish), then you can watch it!

@gt0163c: Yeah, with the changes to the technical regulations, they all had to modify the front-ends. The real change is to the exhaust, though. I haven't watched Qualifying yet (but I'm about to), but word on the street is that Mercedes have done the best job redesigning to meet the new regs. Apparently, everyone else is going to try copying them. That didn't work out so well for everyone last year (and the year before) trying to copy Red Bull, but we shall see.


@rprebel: Cannot thank you enough for the Monaco link! Now wondering how fast those hatchbacks were going? Sorry about my faux pas re: oval tracks. I don't like those 'races' either. Boring to me.

In the recesses of my brain, I thought Monaco had been stopped because of a horrible accident. Obviously wrong. Correction on Sterling Moss, it is Stirling.

Don't have Dish; don't think I have Speed - will check. Much gratitude. Related aside: Is Porsche still racing? Have owned three 356's & loved them beyond words. My slow way of pretending I was racing. ;-) No tickets, so you know I wasn't 'caught' speeding, No production car cornered like those old beauties. My late husband had a '63 Corvette - he always beat me on straightaways, but I out cornered him. ;-)


@gmwhit: There was a pretty bad accident last year (no fatalities, but it looked really bad), but they'll never take Monaco off the calendar.

Porsche isn't racing in F1 any more. They do still race in the ALMS. I think you'd like that series. American Le Mans Series.

I know how you feel, the "pretending like you're racing" thing. I regularly drive my 300ZX in a...not entirely legal way through corners lol.


@rprebel: Thanks again for all the info. Had been told that Porsche started producing SUVs (ugh!) & 4 door sedans (ugh X 2!) to bankroll racing & keep the real Porsches in production. Those cars are their bread & butter now & hot sellers. Reminds me a bit of the army vehicle that became the rage a few years ago. Status symbols usually. IMO they're not Porsches, but I'm a purist. ;-) The only 2 I like are 356s & older 911s. Sorry they've left F1; glad they are still racing.