questionsso what's up with the woot trackers?


As I understand it, we are updating our APIs which kinda threw a wrench to the trackers. Wootalyzer is accurately signaling sale launches and sellouts.


I'm using and its percentages are wildly off as well, but it is tracking the items OK. Something about the redesign must have broken things. It worked fine last Woot-Off.


I guess I'll try Wootalyzer again. I'd given up on it a long time ago.


Wootalyzer's percentage bar is also not working, but it does seem to be tracking the available item OK. For the longest time it would be out of sync but now it is working again. It doesn't track Sport.Woot yet.


From the wootwatcher beta, I know that woot gas updated their API. is still working, except for the % and time left estimates. It is basically reporting 100 times the % sold with a minus sign in front. So 90% remaining is reported as -1000% and 60% remaining is shown as -4000%.

Confusing, but then it is woot, so just consider it part of the fun.

vote-for3vote-against seems to be working now with Chrome browser, percentages and everything.

vote-for3vote-against is working fine now on IE9. I've been away from my desk, so I don't know when it started to work properly. Wootalyzer is not displaying the Shirt sale; it's showing the sold-out TV from just prior to the lunch break.


@nortonsark: seems to be broken now. Unless those speakers really are at 100% for 293 more minutes.


Thunderthighs has the answer apparently. Thanks TT.