questionscan you help me choose an ice cream maker, please?


@klozitshoper: yeah.. once you perfect that recipe you'll have to share it with the rest of us. ;)


@loubriccant: Hope you find it satisfactory in every way!


@cylvre: Thanks for helping me out. I had an appointment I was hurrying to and just did not have the time to go back and copy the site properly. Glad those who needed to were able to get to it from here. I have not ordered it yet, but I am going to do so. Just need to figure out how to make peanutbutter chocolate ice cream with no fat and no calories!


@klozitshoper: I did order the Cuisinart from Williams-Sonoma with the $25 gift card. Thanks for that. Thanks to all who posted and shared. I really do appreciate it! :)


@klozitshoper: I have that exact model. It's awesome, I've made everything from banna ice cream to espresso sorbet. I paid $75 for mine a few years ago so $63 with a $25 gift card is a steal. Let me try a linking:

It's similar to the one halbot42 posted but in a brushed stainless finish that's very easy to clean. It comes in four parts: the base, the bowl, the plastic mixing blade that drops into the bowl, and a cover with a nice funnel-ish opening to add things like candies or flavored swirls during freezing. The motor is a little loud during operation, though not nearly as bad as the old hand-crank warhorses, and since it's a set-and-forget for 20-30 minutes deal it's not a problem at all. If you look on the Willaim-Sonoma website they have a little five minute video on making vanilla bean ice cream with the machine that you can skip to the end to hear how that specific model sounds.


I had posted this deal last night. The price is
$64 on sale and you can get a $25 gift card.

Cuisinart Stainless-Steel Ice Cream Maker and a $25 gift card for $63.95

Edited to add the link did not post. However I found it at Willaim-Sonoma.


@unclefrog: I have the same one. And in a pinch, I used the frozen container, inserted a bowl and kept dips cold for a party.

dual use item I think, and that's always a bonus


You may need to start by asking how much ice cream do you want to make? There are posts on deals.woot for a 2 cup ice cream maker but it takes about 30 minutes to make and a for a 2 quart ice cream maker that takes about 30 minutes. Would you rather make more of one flavor or smaller amounts of differnt flavors?


ive got last years model of this.

No ice or salt, it has the bowl you freeze beforehand. Takes at least 24 hours for the bowl to freeze but then you can make fresh ice cream in 20 or 30 min. Seems to be cheaper, simpler and smaller than the ice and salt models, but you can only make 2 quarts of ice cream a day.


I've used this one:

It's simple, but it does require rock salt and ice. It's a bit noisy, but at least you know when it's done -- since it just stops going. It always worried me that it would burn out the motor, but over, say, 20-30 batches, it was still going strong. Made great soft ice cream, which you could freeze to make harder, but who has the patience for that?


@unclefrog: I'll keep my eyes open for one of those. Thanks!


I have the same model of Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker that was offered here:

As you can read in my comments there... "Our family LOVES it. So much better than the 'old school' salt+ice machines. Makes great frozen treats!"


@wootfast: Exactly! It took awhile too, so I'm wondering if the newer models are less noisy, less messy and quicker.


oh this looks like a question for @wootmango i'll remind her to answer this tomorrow.
Incidentally we had a similar barrel type ice cream maker- VERY noisy. Sounded like an old electric can opener.