questionsdid you know today is casual pi day?


How can a nerd forget? My plans for the subway tile backsplash behind the cooktop is to "irrationally" have colored tiles separating the white tiles; if one were to count the resulting pattern of white tiles, it will end up being pi to 41 digits.

Narf's shirt of the day - Reflections on Pi


Would've been better if it was two days ago, it would have been Casual Pi Day Friday.


I wonder what day is Pi day in the Mayan calendar and what Pi meant, if it even existed, for them?


No, I didn't. Pardon my restrained enthusiasm.


@narfcake: You sir, have broken the barrier for being a nerd. My hat's off to you. I'll be turning in my pocket protector tomorrow morning.


@capguncowboy: Actually, the even bigger nerd would be the one who would figure it out without mentioning it. The mockup I made looks quite random.


@drj48: Pi has always existed. Perhaps some civilizations didn't know the number but it has always been there.

@miyoshinum5. 22/7 is only close to Pi as you mention but it's really way off once you get past the 3.14 part.

A better approximation of Pi is 355/113


I celebrated by eating an apple turnover.


does that mean i can eat pie WITHOUT wearing pants?

because i've already marked the occasion, then!