questionswhy even have future woot-offs? no b.o.c.'s, no…


Shedding excess inventory, for one.

I haven't participated in a Woot-Off in a while, but that's primarily due to being busy/ being smart enough to not tempt myself into spending money I shouldn't be spending. A Woot-Off is still a good way to get a bunch of good things at a decent price though.

Which I think was the whole point of them originally, putting up multiple deals in a day instead of just one.

I will have to agree that it would be nice to see the monkeys and BOC make comebacks, though.

EDIT: great tags, btw. In case they're edited/ deleted:



Did you read the newsletter?

"Scarcely will the crap-dust have settled from those two extravaganzas before we move on to The Search for Crapbeard's Treasure! On Tuesday, Sept. 18, and Wednesday, Sept. 19, we'll run a Woot-Off with a very special difference. Clues sprinkled throughout the Woot-Off will lead you to a hidden cache of lost pirate loot. Or something. That's about all we can tell you right now without angering Crapbeard's ghost. And none of us wants that. He's really disgusting when he's angry."

So there will be BOCs offered in the next woot-off.


@narfcake: I actually completely missed that in the newsletter. Thanks!

...Though now I'll have to spend all of my time on those days between Borderlands 2 and Woot. Not that that's a bad thing.


And like usual, Tuesday is my busiest day of the week at work. I still think a weekend woot-off would help the ratings....I know that deals.woot is like a graveyard on those days.


@narfcake: "Clues will be sprinkled..." Sorry, but it's hard for me to keep an eye on the deals themselves, let alone figure out what a clue is and where it might be. The entire concept has pretty well lost my interest.


I don't want clues. I don't want a scavenger hunt. I want a BoC at somewhere between roughly 4:30 and 5:30 Eastern. Or, better yet, the short-lived random BoC throughout the day. That made it pretty fun and seeing all the things I have no interest in buying through the day more tolerable.

All no BoC means for me is a) Woot simply isn't what it was, and that could just be to their own detriment, and b) I don't have to pay attention to a Woot Off like I used to. I can take a lunch, go about my errands and just do a cursory check every so often to see what's being sold. With the, what seems like, higher average price of the items it just frees up some time :-)


I'm not so interested in the BOC as I am just having some decent deals. The overall quality of the offerings seems to me to be decreased (greatly). Woot always used to have a few (one or two) really great deals during wootoffs. These weren't the highly limited numbers (4) that I've seen of late, but decent quantities. All gone. When I see a woot off, all I think now is: meh.


@wilfbrim: Yeah, I agree. The deals aren't as good. And, some things are too pricey (deal or not).

I'm hoping this one, or the next, will have some good things because it's about Christmas shopping time! I depend on Woot Offs to fill stockings and puff up the gifts under the tree!


In my head, I imagine angry Crapbeard being Amazon :) Sounds like the BOC's will still be hidden "easter egg" style though rather than randomly popping up. I bailed on the last couple of woot offs especially since the redesign but I will at least have wootalyzer up at work.


I liked the T-shirt that was posted the other day about Pavlov's cat. I think I am more like a cat than a dog. I find myself no longer salivating at the mention of a Woot-Off or a BOC.


Woot-offs - Why do they have them now? Simple. They've added SO many new 'sites' w/more items within EACH of those sites that they just have TOO MUCH STUFF. Ever notice that most items don't sell out? Remember when the main woot site sold out a lot? No more.

Prices for the items I view are simply not great deals. Most are mediocre at best. So....very few sell-outs & tons of inventory to get rid of. At the same price it sold for the 1st (or 2nd) time. Has woot never heard the terms Sale, Liquidation, Overstock? 'We Bought Too Much & Need to Unload it SALE'. 'We've Reduced Prices Sale!' No longer interested.

Not even going to go into the BOC (or lack thereof) issue. It is absurd. Alienation complete woot.