questionsare the hose reels still available?


Hi and welcome to deals.woot. It seems like you are new here or just unfamiliar. Deals.Woot is a deal aggregate site and nothing here is sold by woot (with the exception of Moofi deals). Because of this with out context there is NO WAY that we could possibly know what is meant by “the hose reels”. If you know what deal you are asking about ask in the comments, if it is not longer around post the URL to the deal you are asking about. Before you do any of those, use the search bar and see if you can find the deal and go directly to the web site of the seller. Add more context to your questions and do a little digging on your own. Welcome to the DDW (deals dot woot) community.


@philosopherott: Great response! I notice he hasn't been back yet with any additional info.