questionswhere can a person buy the old-fashion drapes…


Pinch pleat drapes are still available, but I've never seen anything that I'd want to have in my house that came ready made. Penny's usually has a custom drapery section in the store (they are not usually employed by Penny's, just that the service is usually there). That's actually where I got my current drapes from. I'm not a blinds kind of person, and they don't look very nice with the eighteenth and very early nineteenth century furniture that is in most of the house.

You can find ready made pinch pleat drapes from Penny's in the store, so it's reasonable that those would be available on line as well, but I think that you will be displeased either with the price or the quality (or perhaps both). You can also make them, of course, if you're feeling brave.

[Edit] The links that @bgrunner321 posted seem okay, and not too different from what you're going to find at Penny's. I should also note that I have actual drapes, not just pinch pleat, in my home.


Thanks for your help!!. Would it be better to buy my own fabric and make myself? I do not need any blackout features, just something decorative. My Apt. already has the hardware and will not let me remove.


@shrdlu: Heads up about Penney's Decorator Division. I read just last week the company is cutting the availability of these services.

First article I could come up with:


@dlerew1: You can just buy inexpensive ones at places like Cost Plus World Market, or even Target, if it's just the hardware I'm thinking of. I actually converted some older drapes into ones with loops, just so that I could put them on those. They're very pretty, too.

Now that I'm realizing what it is that you want, I can tell you that Bed, Bath, and Beyond also carries drapes with loops (and they work just as well as the pinched pleat type, and are far less expensive).

I would make them, but then again, I'm retired, I've sewn all my life, and I'm reasonably skilled at it. You need to consider your time, the cost of materials (which may be far greater than just buying something at Target or BB&B), and so on.

@lavikinga: Thanks for the information, sad though it is. There are other places locally (for custom drapes) if I want more of them. Still, I hate to see people lose their jobs.


@dlerew1: take a look over at You may find something there and the prices are generally reasonable.


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