questionsnespresso capsules: any good leads for good deals…


I did a wee bit of rummaging around. The best deal I could suss out was a few flavors at .50 per - at Bed Bath & Beyond.


I ordered samples of all flavours and was prepared to like it. I am afraid they are all going back for a refund (store will take them). They are weak, bland, and unexciting. In c few cases the capsules were ill-fitting and even popped the hatch open before the brewing was done.

I am sadly aware that my comments here can be perceived as ungrateful. On the contrary, I am terribly impressed and thankful that @mamajamerson went to this trouble to help me. My motivation in filing this negative review of the product is to serve as a warning to others who might expect a great espresso.



Thanks for the update.

I'm fairly certain that I saw a deal on some K-cups at Staples a couple days back. Maybe in the weekly sale ad? It might pay to go and have a look-see.